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Should ‘NCIS’ Dive Deeper Into Character’s Backstories in Season 19?

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Mathew Imaging/FilmMagic)

What more can NCIS do that would keep viewers of the longtime running drama happy as the show inches closer and closer to its twentieth season? Well, one idea is to spend more time diving into its character’s backstories a bit more. Expanding the universe and adding more elements to characters fans of the program are familiar with but would like to know more.

The latest example of this is Jessica Knight and her future on the program. In the fall finale for season 19, viewers are given more clarity about who she is as an agent and what her deal is. She opens up a bit with Torres, but there is clearly more to the story with her tragic tale.

With Gibbs out of the picture, the opportunity is there to build up new stars, and the best way to do that is to fill in the cracks for characters like Knight so that fans can glob onto her story arc.

Sean Murray on ‘NCIS’

Murray has been around since the beginning and has seen it all. Plus, the viewers have seen all from him. He told Starry Mag, “I couldn’t even begin to tell you what I’ve taken away from this show. As an actor, I’ve been able to learn and practice a lot of things over the years. You get the time to find out what works for you as an actor. And the more time you have time doing that, the more comfortable you usually can be. So, as far as the craft, I’ve learned a lot.”

Like actors on other procedurals, it is an opportunity to get those reps in and really hone your craft like Murray has. The time on the show has given him time to really figure out his strengths and get better because of the reps.

It doesn’t hurt to work with Harmon, either, as he said, “I also get the wonderful pleasure of having Mark Harmon by my side – an actor like Harmon that can help shed some light on some things sometimes and help you if you’re having problems. Give me some perspective on things and I’ve learned a lot from Mark over the years.”

It’s different when you have a legend like Harmon with you on the set every day to get you through everything. As Murray said, Harmon has been there to help him along the way. If anything is a problem, it seems from Murray’s perspective that it is nice to know that Harmon is there to help you through it. One has to wonder if Gary Cole will fill a similar void now that he has replaced Harmon on NCIS, but we shall see.