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Si Robertson Shows You ‘How Not to Shoot a Deer’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Michael Stewart/FilmMagic via Getty Images)

For some people, fall means pumpkin spice, changing leaves, sports, and horror movies. However, for those in pursuit of fresh meat, fall means something different altogether. For that sect of the population, fall means deer season. In most places, archery season opens on the first day of October. Then, other forms of harvest become available later in the season. For several hunters, rifle or muzzleloader season is where it’s at. It looks like Si Robertson has already dusted off his rifle.

Si Robertson posted a video from a recent podcast episode to his Instagram. In it, he shows us all how not to shoot a deer. That’s important information. You can’t just point and shoot. You’ve got to hit the vitals. After all, if you don’t get a clean kill the animal will suffer. Furthermore, you’re going to have to track the animal until you can finish it off. Robertson didn’t have to worry about any of that though. He completely missed the deer. Check out the video below.

In the caption, Si Robertson said, “OK, boys. I have no excuse for what you’re about to watch. I call this one ‘How NOT to Shoot a Deer.’ I think I was missing all brain function at that particular moment. Next time!”  

Now, I can’t speak to Robertson’s brain function. However, it’s obvious that he missed that doe by a couple of feet. Watch the video again and you’ll see the bullet hit the ground and kick up dust behind the deer. He thought he had it, though. In the clip, you can hear someone ask him if he’s “on” the deer. Ol’ Si barely gets his affirmative answer out of his mouth before he squeezes the trigger.

How Did Si Robertson Miss That Deer?

It’s hard to believe that Si Robertson got a case of “buck fever,” over that deer. After all, he’s an experienced hunter. At the same time, that wasn’t exactly a trophy kill. She would have stocked the freezer nicely. However, that’s not the kind of animal an experienced hunter gets worked up over. However, bringing down a deer is never a boring occasion. It might have been the first one he got on in a while. Who knows? Si sure doesn’t. At the very least, he’s not making any excuses. He missed his mark, plain and simple.

There’s a lesson here, though. Notice how hard Si Robertson and the rest of the guys are laughing about the massive miss. At the end of the day, he is able to accept it without making excuses. More importantly, he’s able to laugh at himself afterward. That’s what life’s all about.