’The Silverado’s Custom Set Built in 1985 Was Used in Another Kevin Costner Film Years Later

by Katie Maloney

After Kevin Costner’s career-making part in Silverado, he returned to the same movie set years later to film this movie.

The 1985 film, Silverado is about a group of misfit cowboys who find themselves embroiled in the corruption that surrounds the town of Silverado. Before filming started, producers scoped out areas of New Mexico where they could build a set. They settled on an area located at 5547 Highway 41, North Galisteo, New Mexico. Today, the set is referred to as Cerro Pelon Ranch. Since its development in 1985, the ranch has grown significantly and has been used for movies including, Young Guns, Last Man Standing, Lonesome Dove, Thor, Cowboys and Aliens, and Wild Wild West. Almost ten years after he first stepped onto the set of Silverado, Kevin Costner returned to film the 1994 movie, Wyatt Earp.

Kevin Costner Didn’t Want to Play Jake in Silverado

For Silverado Kevin Costner played Jake, the lead character’s brother who is awaiting hanging for killing a man. Jake isn’t exactly a gritty, man’s man of the west. In fact, he’s quite childlike throughout the film. So, when Costner first read the script, he was disappointed with his role. During a 2014 interview, Costner shared his initial thoughts on his character.

“I just have to say that I remember at first being disappointed with the role. and I’ll tell you why,” said Costner. “Because I had grown up watching westerns and the roles I responded to were the taciturn westerner, Shane, and John Wayne. Those were the characters that I watched. And the westerns were orchestrated around them. So, I knew in my heart, how to play the lead guy. How he would move, how he would arbitrate problems in a physical way and in a verbal way in a western. Suddenly, I read for Jake and he’s all over the place. He’s like a monkey, jumping onto the bars and a sense of forgetfulness almost like a child. A child in a man’s body.”

Nevertheless, Kevin Costner gave Jake his all and the character ended up being a breakthrough role for him. During an interview in 2020, Costner said that he’s deeply grateful for his role in Silverado.

“Being awarded that part was just a total gift,” Costner said. “It was a career-making role, a scene-stealing role. It’s like, you always take what you have and you try to stay on focus. But Larry wrote it so beautifully — along with his brother, Mark Kasdan — that the character was designed to just jump off the page. And I was happy almost every day of my life doing that film.”