Simon Cowell Provides Health Update After Bike Crash

by Amanda Glover

Simon Cowell survived a horrific bike accident, and now he’s updating everyone on his condition.

This is Cowell’s second injury from a bike crash in eighteen months. Over one year ago, the former “American Idol” host broke his back while on an electric bike. News broke yesterday that Cowell landed in the hospital after a bike crash left him with a broken arm and a few other injuries. Hopefully next time, he’ll remember to wear a helmet. He is now out of the hospital bed and back on his feet.

“My most creative time is now when I cycle because I cycle even though it’s an e-bike,” he said after his first bike injury. “I still got to pedal and I do about 10 miles a day, even though I had an accident on one.”

His son Eric was happy to cover Simon Cowell’s neon yellow cast with cute images. Cowell recently shared a happy update about his injuries. However, he also admits to being at fault for not wearing a helmet. I know they’re not always the most attractive fashion accessory, but it’s one that could save lives.

The accident happened on Thursday near Cowell’s London home. Apparently, the wheels of his bike hit a wet patch on the ground and sent him flying over the handlebars. He ended up crashing onto the concrete road.

Thankfully, a few residents nearby hurried up to stop traffic and help in any way they could. Residents said that Cowell was bleeding down his face when they found him. But more than just a little. According to an article on The Sun, Cowell was found “blood-soaked.” He also likely suffered a concussion from the crash.

Cowell informed Daily Mail: “I’m OK. I’m feeling much better thank you. It happened just round the corner. . . . I’m a bit of a nutter. I’ll definitely wear a helmet next time.”

Simon Cowell is Happy to Be Back On His Feet Again

Since Cowell’s injuries weren’t life-threatening, he was able to leave the hospital after being treated for his broken arm. Now, he’s sporting a cast helped picked out by his 7-year-old son, Eric.

Reportedly, Cowell’s son, whom he shares with fiancée Lauren Silverman, drew their two dogs, Squiddly and Diddly on the cast.

This is not the “Britain’s Got Talent” host’s first quick recovery either. After breaking his back in late 2020, he went back to his list of other activities a few months after the accident. The injury also didn’t stop him from judging Season 16 of the popular talent show.

Sources say that Simon Cowell has no plans to stop cycling. However, he is going to be wearing a helmet from now on.