Sister of Late ‘America’s Got Talent’ Star Nightbirde Speaks on Her Legacy

by Amy Myers

As news of America’s Got Talent contestant Nightbirde’s death broke, her sister, Katelyn Marczewski, penned a message that spoke to the star’s impact on the world. Nightbirde, otherwise known as Jane Marczewski, passed away on February 20 at the age of 31 due to complications from her battle against cancer.

“There is a lot I do not understand. There are 1,000 questions that I do not have the answer to,” Katelyn wrote. “But after all of this, the one thing I know for certain is that God is good. The news of Jane’s passing came to me at 4am on Sunday morning. It came partially as a shock and partially as the news I knew in my heart was coming soon.”

She continued, “Jane left the Earth with nothing but her hope in Jesus. Everything else – the fame, the money, the ‘success’ – all of the things that people strive for – stayed behind, leaving the rest of us with the legacy she created. A legacy of hope, strength, and victory. Yes, Jane is victorious because she no longer feels the sting of death that taunted her for so long.”

The America’s Got Talent contestant’s sister then spoke to the fact that Jane is no longer in pain.

“I am 100% confident that God answered all of our prayers. She is healed. Her pain has been taken away. She is singing beautifully right now with no tumors in her lungs. Every moment of Jane’s life gave testamony [sic] to the goodness of God, and her death reflects that even more. God is glorified through her story, and her death is an opportunity to show God’s glory. She is in Heaven with Jesus Christ. And that, my friends, is very good news,” Katelyn concluded.

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‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant’s Sister Expresses Frustration with Media

Along with the touching message, Katelyn posted a photo of her America’s Got Talent sister and Jane’s official obituary. Just as notable, she also touched on her frustration with the media sources that reported on Nightbirde’s passing before the family had the chance.

Of course, Katelyn is grieving the loss of her dear sister, and not surprisingly, her family wanted to break the news to loved ones in their own way before major news sources caught wind.

“I am sorry that the media announced Jane’s death before our family had the chance,” Katelyn shared on Facebook. “I don’t know how they received the information but I wish we would have had the chance to tell you ourselves.”

Jane’s passing came after her appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2021. At the time, she performed an original song, “It’s Okay,” and earned the Golden Buzzer from judge Simon Cowell.