Slipknot’s Joey Jordison Dies: Korn Guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer Remembers Him With Moving Tribute

by Amy Myers

On Monday, July 26th, Slipknot and the metal community lost a beloved member, Joey Jordison, at the young age of 46. Jordison was a gifted drummer for both Slipknot and Murderdolls. He was one of the original members of Slipknot, along with percussionist Shawn Crahan and bassist Paul Gray, who passed away in 2010. Although Joey Jordison, left the band in 2013 due to medical reasons, the band and fans always viewed him as a valued and eternal part of Slipknot.

Monday, Joey Jordison’s family stated that the “prolific drummer, musician and artist passed away peacefully in his sleep.”

Not much else is known about his cause of death.

“Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow,” the family continued in the statement. “To those that knew Joey, understood his quick wit, his gentle personality, giant heart and his love for all things family and music. The family of Joey has asked that friends, fans, and media understandably respect our need for privacy and peace at this incredibly difficult time. The family will hold a private funeral service and asks the media and public to respect their wishes.”

Korn Musician James Shaffer Is ‘In Shock’ Over Joey Jordison’s Death

Of course, fellow musicians in the rock and metal genres felt the sting of his absence, too. Joey Jordison also performed alongside metal and horror punk greats like Rob Zombie, Metallica and Korn.

In fact, Korn guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer told TMZ that he couldn’t believe the fellow musician passed away.

“That guy is such a f–ing warrior,” Shaffer said in response to Joey Jordison’s passing. “[He] loved drums, loved playing, would jump in and would play with anybody.”

“What an amazing drummer,” the guitarist gushed about his late friend. Part of the legacy that Jordison leaves behind is that he had “The most energy I’ve seen any drummer have ever.”

Besides the drummer’s impact on the metal genre, Jordison and Shaffer also had plenty of good memories together. During a tour in 2005, Joey Jordison joined Korn on the road. However, he had his own bus with another backup member of the band. So, the two groups named their buses. Jordison’s was the Dragons, and Shaffer’s was the Pirates. They would then duel to see who could party harder. Shaffer gave a sad smile as he retold the inside joke.

“He’ll always be remembered by me as someone who’s caring and compassionate and an amazing musician,” Shaffer shared.

“I would like to tell his family and his bandmates that I’m truly sorry that we’ve lost him,” the Korn guitarist said with a hand over his heart. “And I’m in shock and I can’t believe it. I just want to send them all of my love.”