‘Jeopardy!’: Ken Jennings Makes Hilarious Nomination for Alex Trebek’s Replacement

by Jon D. B.

The Jeopardy! icon‘s latest suggestion for Alex Trebek‘s permanent replacement will have movie fans saying “Oh wow!”

The search for a permanent Jeopardy! host continues. And by continue, we mean the pre-selected guest hosts continue to headline the show, with episodes featuring Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik coming to a close Friday night.

While our pick has always been Ken Jennings, the man is far too modest to campaign himself for the role. Others, like LeVar Burton – another clear fan favorite and excellent choice – however, are not.

So while we wait for Jeopardy! execs to select a replacement for the irreplaceable, late Alex Trebek, thankfully we’ve got Jennings’ excellent Twitter game to keep us company.

“Owen Wilson with his Loki mustache for Jeopardy! host,” Jennings hilariously tweets Friday. The caption is simple enough, leaving the photo of the actor from Marvel’s Loki series to speak for itself:

Classic. If you haven’t watched the premiere episode of Loki on Disney+ yet, we highly recommend doing so. Owen Wilson is fantastic within – easily the best work he’s done in years.

For now, followers are quick to get in on Jennings’ Friday gag, too, with fan John responding with his own Twitter’ed impression of Owen Wilson: “‘Wow, that’s right. Wow. You people are really smart. I mean it!’ They’d have to make it an hour long show…”

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Go All-In on Jennings’ Latest Gag

And that’s just the first great response. Others are lending their comedic sensibilities to Ken’s post, resulting in a wide array of responses.

Fan Barton, for one, thinks this photo of the Loki actor “Looks like Tom Skerritt and Bradley Whitford had a kid…”

Yet a staggering amount of fans think Wilson is beginning to look a lot like comedy icon John Cleese.

“Oh my God he’s turning into John Cleese,” one reply reads. Others are echoing the same, with multiple examples ranging from “He could also do a biopic on John Cleese” to “Seriously is that not John Cleese?”

As a fan of both actors, honestly, I can see it. And now I’ll never be able to un-see it. Another follower, however, seems to think this photo of Wilson looks like Jennings himself.

“For a second I thought that was you at age 70…” the fan replies. Okay, now we need Owen Wilson to play Ken Jennings in a Jeopardy!-laden film. Stat.

Some of the responses, however, are as priceless as the Jeopardy! icon’s original tweet. Take Philip Michael’s take on the matter, for example:

“Jeopardy contestant: [shares an anecdote after the first commercial break]…

Owen Wilson: Oh, wow.”

Another fan responds with: “Your categories are: Wow! – Vince Vaughn in film – Low key – Zoo Land “E-R” – and – You, Me And, Do Pre.”

Wait, now we want to see Owen Wilson host Jeopardy! – Make it happen, Mike Richards!