‘SNL’ Takes a Shot at Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s NFL Broadcasts

by Jonathan Howard

Those Fox NFL Sundays sure are great, even SNL knows. All the action, big plays, and of course, there’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s commentary. Fans have differing opinions on the quality of the commentary, and this weekend Saturday Night Live took some digs at the two.

When doing commentary, the Fox crew has other obligations. Fans may or may not notice the multiple ad reads they do for upcoming Fox sitcoms. The skit that SNL put together with Owen Wilson and brand new cast member James Austin Johnson playing Aikman and Buck, respectively.

As the scene opens, the two are carrying the broadcast through to the second half. “Remember we mic’d up Dallas running back Ezekiel Elliott, and you’ll be hearing that as soon as he says something we can put on TV.”

Over the course of the almost 4-minute scene, the two go back and forth with regular football banter. However, Joe Buck has to read off the ads for a new sitcom on Fox, “Crazy House.” With each stoppage in play, the joke continues with a new read-out for the show.

Owen Wilson as Troy Aikman gets more and more confused as it goes on. It was almost a little too real with the way James Austin Johnson delivered his lines. SNL added the new cast member along with a couple of others for this season. He seems to be heavily involved already.

‘SNL’ Dog the Bounty Hunter Skit gets Folks Mad Online

Now, a show like SNL makes fun of just about everything. They used to do Trump impression skits, now they do Joe Biden. It is all about current events and parody. So, with Dog the Bounty Hunter being in the news for involving himself in the Gabby Petito case, the writers took a mild shot or two.

It was during a skit featuring a fake school board meeting. As each “citizen” comes up to the mic to give their complaints, they become more and more unhinged. It is a funny skit, but the Dog and his fans are not pleased. Pete Davidson appeared as the famed bounty hunter for less than 30 seconds.

Now, this didn’t get a huge backlash, but there were plenty of folks vocal online Not everyone is going to laugh at the same things, humor is subjective. However, you can’t expect SNL to pull any punches. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another skit featuring the Dog in the near future.

Despite being a comedy show, not everyone thought the jokes were all that funny.