Some ‘Criminal Minds’ Fans Didn’t Like One Future ‘9-1-1’ Star on the Show

by Chase Thomas

“Criminal Minds” was an iconic show for the time in the 2000s. The show ran for over a decade for a multitude of different reasons. With how long the show was on, though, a lot of different characters cycled in and out of the program. This included Jennifer Love Hewitt. Yes, some “Criminal Minds” fans did not like the future “9-1-1” star on the show on CBS.

Hewitt briefly played Agent Callahan on the program. However, some fans on Reddit pointed out why they did feel as though she was a good fit for the BAU.

A lot of it stemmed from her nosiness. The fans of the program felt that her character was rather nosy.

One user on Reddit wrote, “RIGHT!! It’s so weird to me considering before the BAU she was catching sexual predators. She is literally trained how to respond to victims, if she caught a vibe that Morgan was a victim she shouldn’t have questioned him. She literally deals with trauma victims everyday for a living, she had to have known better than to overstep boundaries like that.”

Fans had strong perspectives when it came to Kate Callahan. Her role was clearly a polarizing one then and now for the folks who are binge-watching it on streaming services.

Joe Mantegna on “Criminal Minds”

“Criminal Minds” had a number of big-time characters over the years. One thing that most fans enjoyed, though, was the change from Gideon to Rossi on the CBS show. Yes, this elevated Agent Hotch in the process. However, it also brought in Rossi who was a calming influence on the BAU. He was the veteran who was looking out for the team and to assist as needed rather than lead.

Rossi was on the program until the end. He told Collider, “Well, it’s a dream come true, is what that is.  It’s what you look for.  Especially at this stage in my career, I was looking for a way to spend some more time at home and have some logic in my life.  I spent many years traveling to do movies or theater, or whatever it was.  So, to find something with legs that would keep me local and give me some sort of a life was real attractive to me.  But, the trick is to find that.  Hundreds and hundreds of shows get done, and you can count on two hands, the ones that can go 10 years, plus.  So, I look at it as a real blessing to be in that position.  Sometimes things work out.”

This is what Mantegna was looking for. He was able to find something consistent. He enjoyed what he did and the show was extremely successful for many years.