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Some ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fans Preferred Benson As a Detective

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

Oh boy, there are some Law & Order: SVU fans not happy that Olivia Benson is now a captain. They want her back in the detective role.

Olivia, played by Mariska Hargitay since Season 1, was a detective for a long, long time. Things do move forward in storylines and such on shows. But a thread on Reddit is offering some telling insight from fans.

This Redditor writes: “None of what I have to say hasn’t been said before, but I need to get my thoughts out on here. Ever since she became captain, Olivia has been insufferable.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Fan Is Tired Of Olivia’s ‘Passive-Aggressive Attitude’

“Her passive-aggressive attitude has gotten old,” this fan says. “Her scowl towards anyone she disagrees with, the eye-rolling, the dramatic quivering lip when she’s been told big news, etc. I know the character has been through a lot and has seniority over everyone else, but doesn’t give her the right to act like her crap doesn’t stink. Cragen never treated the squad that way when he was captain.”

How/s that sitting with you Law & Order: SVU fans? One replies with a word about Olivia’s son. This person writes: “Just a warning to stop with the Noah hate. Don’t break rule 9.”

Then, we have this response coming down the road. “I absolutely love Olivia’s character but I agree with you. She was way better as a detective and I literally hate her child. I know that’s a terrible thing, but he’s such a brat I actually fast-forward through him.”

This Fan Writes That They Did Like Olivia Until Season 17-18

Another Law & Order: SVU fan writes: “I always liked her up until around season 17-18. Ever since William Lewis killed himself right in front of her, she hasn’t been the same. I get that was super traumatic for her and the nightmare she went through with him, but still, she has just seemed different since”.

Yes, there is even more stuff tossed Noah’s way by this fan of the show. This Redditor writes: “Yes! He’s such a brat and I get he’s a kid but I’m always like ‘dude, Olivia didn’t rescue you from pedophiles just for you to grow up to be a brat’.”

A fan that says they just move along from watching personal stuff. “I am doing a rewatch and I am on season 19 now and the amount of screen time that her dumb Noah drama gets is insane!” the fan writes. “I fast forward through it now so I really notice it, like the stupid ‘abuse’ storyline and the grandmother. Holy s**t it’s annoying. I actually fast forward through any of the cast members’ personal life scenes lol.”