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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actress Samaire Armstrong Facing Backlash After Calling Black Lives Matter Supporters ‘Terrorists’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)

Samaire Armstrong is under fire this week for her outspoken social media posts labeling all Black Lives Matter participants as “domestic terrorists”.

The Sons of Anarchy alum has become quite the outspoken political target. In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, Samaire Armstrong voices her view of the Black Lives Matter movement. She is labeling those involved as “domestic terrorists”, among other claims. And after voicing her support for Donald Trump’s reelection, she is going all out.

PopCulture.com cites Armstrong as saying “BLM is a billion dollar domestic terrorist organization”. This conspiracy theory, however, has been “thoroughly debunked”, PC.com adds. They cite Snopes as debunking Armstrong’s claims several times over.

Samaire Armstrong Lashes Out on Twitter

Regardless of her beliefs – and fans that disagree – the actress isn’t backing down. In response to her recent tirades, Twitter user Stevi Me’Shell lashes back out.

“If you’re racist just say that,” Stevi responds. “No one [right now] knows who you are anyway.

In jest, Armstrong responds with more of her beliefs, further fanning flames.

“Don’t know Stevi… seems like the definition of racist doesn’t mean what it once did?”

“For some reason, now, calling out domestic terrorists who hang with ‘anti fascists’ as they beat the front teeth out of a Black American and scream ‘Black lives matter’ makes me a racist?”

The event that Armstrong is referencing doesn’t seem to line up with any recent headline. It remains unverified, as does her twitter account. The post is, however, linked to other social media pages of hers that are.

Instagram Video Shows Armstrong Ranting Controversial Politics

In addition, PopCulture.com points to an earlier Instagram video of Armstrong’s. Within, the actress lets loose a tirade of emotional opinions, many of which have fans lashing out:


Her retreat from the spotlight seems to have been before her political outspokenness, however.

The actress got her start in romcoms of the early 2000s. Films like Not Another Teen Movie and Just My Luck brought her notoriety. Now, she is best known for her starring role in teen drama The O.C. After this, she went on to a reoccurring role in Sons of Anarchy. Since then, “guest” roles in TV shows have kept her career active.

Headlines of late for Armstrong, though, all seem to hinge or her political opinions. Whether you agree with Armstrong or not, the upcoming election is a chance to make your voice heard. Come November 3rd, the 2020 Presidential race will conclude.

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