‘Sons of Anarchy’ Alum Charlie Hunnam Admits to Being a ‘Hoarder’

by Chase Thomas

“Sons of Anarchy” was one of the biggest shows of its time. The show thrived for seven seasons on FX. It starred iconic actor Charlie Hunnam throughout that time. Hunnam became a household name on that show. Now, though, Hunnam is 41 and he has been an actor for some time. With that, he has a lot of stuff.

In a new interview with the AP, Hunnam told the publication, “I’m 41 now and I just have entirely too much stuff.” He uses the term, hilariously, “hoarder” to describe his situation. It’s funny because his new cinematic role plays a man who does the exact opposite.

Hunnam starred on “Sons of Anarchy” for seven years as Jax Teller.

Charlie Hunnam on “Sons of Anarchy”

Hunnam grew up a lot on the FX drama. Kurt Sutter’s program made him a big-time name in the industry as Jex Teller. He told People, “Well, frankly, it gave me a career.”He continued, “And it gave me the ability to have confidence that I was going to be able to make [acting] work as a lifelong career.”

He’s still going today. It was a role that reassured him that acting was something that he was both excellent at and something he could do long-term. He added, “I think I went into Sons of Anarchy being a pretty unaccomplished actor in terms of my skill set.” He was in his early thirties at the time. He was still learning and honing his craft. Hunnam continued, “I wasn’t one of these people that were born enormously and innately talented. I had to really cultivate a skill set.”

He had to work at it. Hunnam added, “And where I cultivated a lot of that skill set was going to work and shooting 10 pages a day on Sons of Anarchy for seven years.” He continued, “I feel like that was my college days.” Hunnam was able to hone his craft on the show. He was able to get in a bunch of reps on the FX drama for seven years surrounded by other supremely talented actors like Ron Perlman.

Still, Hunnam has talked about playing the Jax Teller character in the past. He put everything into that role. Because of that, it is unlikely that the star actor ever wears the SAMCRO merch again. The story of Jax Teller is a tragic one. Teller begins by looking to change SAMCRO. He finds the journal from his father and wants a different path for the club. Jax wants things to be different. Instead, he is constantly surrounded by loss and violence. It was a tragic character until the end of the program.

You can watch “Sons of Anarchy” on Hulu.