‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Predict Jax, Tara’s Future in ‘Another Life’

by Lauren Boisvert

In a perfect world, “Sons of Anarchy” would have transitioned into a delightful slice-of-life sitcom. No one died, everyone is still together, and Jax and Tara are raising Abel and Thomas in a nice little house. Jax has a real job, there’s no secrets or backstabbing, just good old fashioned suburban comedy. That’s my dream, anyway.

In reality, nearly everyone died, things were not sunny and delightful, and Wendy is raising Abel and Thomas in the aftermath. But what if Jax and Tara were still alive? What would they be up to now? A few fans took to Reddit to discuss their theories about Jax and Tara in an alternate universe.

In a thread titled, “Another life,” the original poster posed the question, “Say Jax and Tara were able to take the boys and move. Where do you think they moved to? What do you see him doing?”

“Sons of Anarchy” fans gleefully responded. One fan mused that Tara would probably be able to move on, but not so much Jax; he’d probably go back to the MC. “I also think that it would have been extremely hard for Jax to function in normal society,” they continued. “With his past and everything it would have been hard for him to find a job and I think that he would have hated living off of Tara.” Another fan replied that Jax could probably find mechanic work.

“I can see them in Oregon but if it was me I would move to the other side of the country,” another fan commented. “I can see Tara able to continue as a doctor and Jax starting out as a mechanic at a shop then later on owning his own shop, hiring guys that are just like him trying to get out of the gang life.”

‘Sons of Anarchy’: Tara and Jax and Some Wishful Thinking

A lot of fans seem to think Jax would definitely get into mechanics, fixing cars and bikes and eventually owning his own shop. Some posited that they could see them moving to Oregon, while another mused that they could move to Norco, California near Nero’s ranch. Tara could continue in medicine, while Jax could go into business with Nero.

On the flip side, other “Sons of Anarchy” fans seemed to think that Jax would never survive outside of Charming. “Jax has no power outside of Charming,” one fan wrote. “In Charming he was ‘king,’ the prince of the Sons and had everyone in his pocket, every woman looking his way and every dude with a patch had undying loyalty to him. But that’s only because of what his name meant for the criminal underworld in that small town.”

Other fans noted that Jax’s personality isn’t suited to civilian life. He’s a felon, and is prone to violent outbursts. He has little to no willpower to stay away from women, violence, and gang-related activities. In the end, Jax is too entrenched in the club to really, truly get out. I’d like to think they could have. But, in reality, with the way the character is written, I don’t think their relationship would have survived it.