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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter is Not Impressed with Alec Baldwin’s Latest Interview

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Kurt Sutter is not impressed with Alec Baldwin’s latest interview. At all.

Never one to shy away from saying how he feels, the actor put a statement out on his Instagram page. For those that don’t know, Baldwin has spoken for the first time about the incident. He sat down with George Stephanopolous and claimed that he didn’t pull the trigger on the gun.

Sutter spoke with Deadline previously about general on-set safety and guns. In that interview, he talked about the lack of union crew.

“My sense, from listening to the information that’s coming in, the letting go of union crew, and bringing on non-union crew, that those safety protocols were not met,” he said.

However, the latest on his Instagram holds back no punches. Check it out below.

Kurt Sutter started the post out by saying, “In case we ever have to work together…”

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Says Interview ‘Choreographed’

As Sutter went into his rant about Baldwin’s interview with ABC News, he didn’t hold anything back. I’m not sure if the two will be working with one another in the future after this. Especially with the bucket of “Baldwin Tears”.

“I’ve refrained from commenting about the Rust incident,” the post continued. “I wasn’t there, I don’t know all the facts, and I can’t [imagine] the pain and remorse the cast and crew must be feeling. Especially, Mr. Baldwin. I agreed to talk to Mike Fleming [Deadline] about gun safety on set, but even that was ‘my experience and professional opinion; not meant as judgment of any kind.”

The thing that Kurt Sutter did not like seeing, the interview with ABC.

“But after watching just 10 minutes of that ‘hard hitting’ choreographed dumbshow with [Stephanopolous], it’s clear that Mr. Baldwin is more concerned with his own reputation and legal entanglement that he is about set safety and the victims. And because of that, I must resurrect 2007 Sutter and say, ‘You’re not the fu**ing victim, d*****bag.’ #safetyfirst.”

There is no mistaking how Sutter feels about this entire debacle.

Kurt Sutter Fans Agree with Baldwin Takes

There were plenty of folks that agreed with Sutter on his post. The entire Rust situation is one that is heartbreaking and tragic. An accidental shooting on the set is not what anyone expects when they clock in to work each day.

One reply said, “FINALLY!! A celebrity speaking out about this entire farce of a person.” So, it seems that the Sons of Anarchy star is not alone in his assessment of the situation.

It is worth noting that Kurt Sutter is also developing his own Western film with Netflix at the moment. That film is titled The Abandons.