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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Katey Sagal Lands Major Movie Role After New Show’s Cancellation

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

After her latest television show was canceled, actress Katey Sagal did not stay unemployed very long. The 67-year-old star is known for her both her comedic and dramatic roles. One of her most famous roles was in the comedy “Married… with Children” during the 1980s. She is also famous for her work in the drama “Sons of Anarchy” and for her voice work in “Futurama.”

Sagal’s latest television show, “Rebel,” was canceled after just five episodes on ABC. This was a move that was completely unexpected by the actress. And, she said she was not warned before the news broke.

“And for whatever reason, that decision was made. But we were as a cast really surprised. We thought that for sure this was gonna continue on to a second season,” Katey Sagal also said.

Katey Sagal Will Played a Country Music Star in Her New Film

Fortunately for her and her fans, Sagal will soon get back to work. According to PopCulture, she has landed a starring role in the upcoming television film titled, “Tattered Hearts.” It is being made for Blumhouse. And, it is expected to debut next year on Epix.

In this film, Katey Sagal has reportedly been cast as the character of Harper Dutch. Dutch is a former country music star who at the time of the film lives in seclusion. Viewers will enter her world as they watch two aspiring country music singers go to visit Dutch at her mansion.

Things will reportedly go well at first. However, the young duo gets a first-hand look at the troublesome aspects of the former star’s life. This will lead them to question their own futures.

Being cast as a country music star will hopefully allow Katey Segal to showcase her singing talents, as well as her acting abilities. While she is known for her roles on television, Sagal is actually a very talented singer. She even worked as a back-up vocalist for such music legends as Etta James, Tanya Tucker, and even Bob Dylan. She also toured with Bette Midler and worked with Olivia Newton-John and Gene Simmons in his solo work.

Sagal has also released two albums of her own. In 1994, she released an album titled, “Well…” Then, a decade later in 2004, she released “Room.” Her style is adult contemporary. And, she even appeared on the soundtrack for “Sons of Anarchy.”

Sagal Will Soon Appear On Screen with a Former Co-Star

Fans of Katey Sagal can also expect her to reunite with one of her “Married… with Children” co-stars. This co-star is Christina Applegate. And Sagal is expected to join Applegate in her Netflix series, “Dead to Me.”

Sagal appeared in the show’s second season and played the mother of Linda Cardellini’s character. Luckily, in the show’s third and final season Sagal and Applegate will share the screen. Unsurprisingly, Sagal is very excited to do so.

” We have a couple of big scenes together, so that will be really fun. She is truly like my daughter. Like for real. So this will be really lovely to be with her,” Sagal said of Applegate.