‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Katey Sagal Is on Road to Recovery After Injury

by Chase Thomas

Katey Sagal, the former star of Sons of Anarchy, got spotted by TMZ sometime Tuesday afternoon. What stood out, though, was that Sagal was on crutches following her accident where she got hit by a car.

Thankfully, Sagal avoided catastrophic injury in the accident, but clearly, the hit still did some damage, hence the crutches. If you recall, Sagal was crossing the street in LA when a Tesla made a left turn and hit her that resulted in her being taken away in an ambulance.

Either way, it’s nice to see Sagal out and about again, as she continues to improve following the crash.

Where Did Katey Sagal’s Gemma Come From on Sons of Anarchy?

One of the more memorable roles in television history was the character of Gemma on Sons of Anarchy. Sagal played the mother of Jax and the wife to President Clay. Over the course of the show, Gemma did all sorts of horrible things to protect both her son, her husband, and the club. She was a family-first character, but she was that to a fault. Particularly when it came to Tara, Gemma wasn’t great at relinquishing power over those she held most dear. Jax was her son and there wasn’t a more important sole in the world. If you came after Jax, you came after her. Her children came first.

Kurt Sutter was familiar with this kind of character because he married her. Sagal told NPR, “If you asked him, what he would tell you probably is when he came into my life, I already had two children, and he’s their stepparent, and I was very protective of my children. … He hadn’t been around that kind of energy quite so much, so I think that’s what was the springboard for Gemma. It was not so much the heinous things she does; it was that at her core, her motivation is her children, is her child. At any cost, she will protect him and her club.”

So, in a way, Sagal was playing herself on the show. She was Gemma at home, at least to an extent. Sagal knew the character and what she felt. She knew the inner struggles of maintaining order between the stepfather and the children. She was aware of the complicated relationships throughout.

Sagal continued, “She’s the queen of the organization, so guys in the club are respectful of her — she’s sort of like their surrogate mother in a way.” Yes, Gemma really was the queen of the Sons of Anarchy. The club knew where she stood and not to mess with her. She also really was like a mother to so many of those group members and looked out for them and was protective of them.