‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kim Coates’ Life ‘Hitting on All Cylinders’ as He Shows Off Harley Collection

by Hannah Heser

Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates shared his Harley Davidson collection on Twitter last night.

Sons of Anarchy is about a single father, Jax Teller, who finds loyalty to his outlaw motorcycle club. Kim Coates had a fascination with motorcycles since he was a kid, so the show’s subject matter was a dream come true.

The Sons of Anarchy actor has quite a few acting experiences. But his most familiar role is Alexander “Tig” Trager on Sons of Anarchy. The role encouraged him to buy three motorcycles of his own, which he shared on Twitter earlier today.

In the caption of the tweet, Kim Coates wrote, “My 3 ponies… my 3 girls .. me 3 beauties … with life AGAIN hitting on all cylinders… gone to a new location.. new film.. new life time memories… it was a calming day a few days ago to just throw some love n suds on my Harleys.. I don’t ride them enough #BusyBoy Tig.”

Kim Coates Loves His Harley Collection

If it wasn’t obvious already, the Sons of Anarchy star sure loves his Harley collection. And his fans can certainly agree with this statement. For example, one user said, “Good looking bikes Kim! If you ever have your Dyna in SK, I’ll meet you on Hwy 1 with my Slim!” He added a picture of his bike to go along with his comment. And it looks pretty dang neat!

Another user thanked him for sharing his most-prized collection.

“Nice Kim, thank you for sharing a peek at your stable. Always love your story about getting Tiggy’s bike after #SOA ended,” they said. “Your ponies look beautiful. Hope you find time in your perpetually busy schedule to take them out for a run.”

The Actor’s Time on Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy was a wildly popular show and Kim Coates made it even better as Tig. In an interview with Daily Actor, Coates discussed his role over the years. He talked about everything from the start of the show to the final episode.

The actor revealed that he was grateful for the experience. But that he was ready for it to be finished.

“But I will tell you from the bottom of my heart, I can’t wait to move on,” Coates added. “I’ve had the best time on this show. This has been my awakening of a regular on a television series, I’ve never done that before, I go to arcs.”