‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Offers His ‘Two Cents’ to President Joe Biden in New Video

by Keeli Parkey

If you have been keeping up with the news lately, chances are you are well aware that the situation in Afghanistan has recently gone from bad to worse. The Taliban has taken over the country and many Americans are feeling that the two decades their country spent there were in vain. Other Americans are hoping that their government will help out those left behind in the disputed country. One of those people is movie star Ron Perlman.

This week, the “Sons of Anarchy” star shared a message with United States President Joe Biden. In this message, the 71-year-old actor urged the president to do what he can for those who remain in Afghanistan, but want to escape the war-torn country

Ron Perlman shared his message for President Joe Biden via his Twitter account on Tuesday, Aug. 17.

“Morning, Mr. President. My friend, Joe, ” Perlman begins. “I’ve been tossing and turning all night giving this a great deal of thought. And, there is one way you can save the day here.”

Perlman then goes on to explain – in his point of view – how the president can make a real difference in the lives of those who remain in Afghanistan, but wish to flee the country.

“And that is to tell the Taliban that you are going to escort every Afghan that wants to leave the Taliban behind to the airport and put them on planes to safety,” Ron Perlman also says in his Twitter video. “Every last one of them.”

Actor Ron Perlman Urges President Biden to Help ‘Women, Girls, Our Interpreters’ Safely Flee from Afghanistan

Ron Perlman goes on to list groups that he believes Biden should specifically aid in their escape from Afghanistan.

“Women, girls, our interpreters, the people who helped us for the 20 years we were there,” Ron Perlman also said. “Every single Afghan who knows that their life is in danger by this swift and hasty set of circumstances.”

Perlman then shares his point of view on how the situation in Afghanistan has been handled by the Biden administration. “Our withdrawal, the fact that the government was never stood up to be able to withhold the swift takeover of the Taliban, and everything that ensued since,” Perlman also publically said.

The actor then said that he believes that President Joe Biden should make it clear to the Taliban that the United States of America does not intend to leave anyone in Afghanistan who wishes to leave.

“So what you gotta do is, you just gotta tell the Taliban ‘We’re coming in. We’re going to get everybody, from all of the outskirts of Afghanistan to the airport. Anybody who wants to leave gets a free ride from us,'” Ron Perlman also says.

After that is done, according to Perlman, America should just leave Afghanistan alone.

“And then we leave that place to those people,” the actor shares. “Anyway, my two cents. Thanks for listening, Joe.”

You can watch Ron Perlman’s message for President Joe Biden below.