Sons of Anarchy Star Ron Perlman Says Trump Led an ‘Assault’ on ‘the American Way’

by Thad Mitchell

Actor Ron Perlman took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his thoughts President Donald Trump’s last four years in office. In a tweet, the Sons of Anarchy star says election day is time for American voters to “self correct” their course.

“I’ve hated having to call out the inhumanity and indecency of these last four years,” he says of Trump’s reign. “The assault on civility and the American Way could only hurt as it did because of our inherent goodness. Today we course correct. God Bless us all!”

Pearlman sent the tweet out yesterday as American voters went to polling precincts to choose their next president.

Using social media to sound off his political thoughts is nothing new for Pearlman. The actor, who portrayed the titular in “Hellboy” has become even more politically outspoken as election day drew ever closer.

Perlman Sounds Off on Twitter

He has gone on long-winded, profanity-laced rants on social media several times. He most recently called out republican leaders Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsay Graham, calling the trio low-lives.

“Listen up, McConnell, Graham, Trump and all the rest of you low life m*****f******s,” he wrote days before the election. We are going to put 17 justices on the Supreme Court if we have to. We are gonna stomp out the memory of you like the cockroaches you are. Believe it. B*****s.”

On Monday, the day before the election, the Pacific Rim star has much to say about the state of affairs in America as the election looms. Referring to Trump as a “scumbag,” Perlman derides the president for the current political climate.

“Businesses are boarding up their doors and windows, campaign buses are being run off the road,” he tweets. “And the scumbag president says he will declare victory tomorrow no matter what. You tied to turn this place into a s*** hole, now it is our turn to tell you what we are!”

Perlman is currently working on a few new projects, including a Pinocchio remake.