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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Settles Divorce with Ex-Wife Opal After Two Years

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Ron Perlman married Opal Stone on Valentine’s Day in 1981. They were together for 38 years before Ron filed for divorce in 2019. Around that time, the Sons of Anarchy star started seeing Allison Dunbar, his costar on StartUp. After two long years of court proceedings, Perlman and Stone finalized their divorce on October 20th.

Us Weekly reported that they obtained court documents relevant to the divorce. It looks like things didn’t go too well for the Hellboy star. In fact, this divorce is going to hit Ron Perlman’s pocketbook pretty hard. First, he will pay his ex-wife’s attorney fees. That comes out to $40,000. That’s nowhere near the end of his expenses, though. Ron will also pay spousal support to the tune of $12,500 every month. The only way he’ll be able to stop paying that sum is if he remarries or dies.

Opal will also receive a percentage of Ron Perlman’s gross income if he earns more than $624,000 in a year or $52,000 per month. However, there is a cap to that payment. Perlman will pay Stone up to $1.5 million annually. Ouch.

Ron Perlman isn’t just losing a truckload of cash in the divorce. Opal Stone will also keep their former home in Los Angeles. They will sell their New York City apartment and split the profits from the sale. Additionally, Pearl gets to keep her personal Mercedes.

Ron Perlman didn’t lose everything in the divorce, though. He still gets to keep his personal bank accounts. He’ll also continue to receive residuals from his massive filmography. Additionally, Perlman will retain ownership of half of the estranged couple’s shared accounts. He’ll also keep his Tesla.

Ron Perlman Is Already Moving On

Ron Perlman found a new love in Allison Dunbar before he filed for divorce. Us Weekly reports that eyewitnesses saw Perlman and Dunbar locking lips in California five months before he officially filed for divorce in November of 2019.

The tabloid also reported that Dunbar started sharing photos with Ron Perlman in 2018. Interestingly enough, that’s about the same time Perlman stopped posting about his now ex-wife.

Ron Perlman may not have to pay his monthly spousal support for much longer. Dunbar posted a video from their recent romantic getaway to Italy. In that video, a local snaps a selfie with Dunbar and Perlman. Then, the stunning blonde actress approaches the camera. As she grips her dress, you can see a massive rock on her left ring finger. It doesn’t look like they’ve made any public announcements. However, it looks like Perlman might be in the process of putting a ring on his StartUp costar’s finger. Then again, it could just be a nice ring that she enjoys wearing. Only time will tell.