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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ron Perlman Welcomes Grandchild to the World

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic,)

Ron Perlman had some big news to share with the world this week. Yes, the “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman welcomed a grandchild to the world on February 8. Perlman revealed the news in a new post on his personal Instagram page. For the caption, Perlman wrote, “Say hello to little Benny, welcomed into the world 2/8/22. And now when you call me grandpa it’s a thing of joy!”

It was a beautiful shot of the mother and the father smiling at one another with the mom holding her son. Fans loved the post. One fan wrote, “Congratulations gramps! Such a great feeling!!”

Another fan wrote, “Congratulations to the whole family!! Welcome to the world Benny!”

Ron Perlman on “Sons of Anarchy”

Perlman was a star for many years on “Sons of Anarchy”. His character Clay Morrow was terrifying as president of SAMCRO. From the beginning, viewers were supposed to be terrified of him. He was an imposing figure who set the club down a treacherous path. This went against the V.P. in Jax Teller. He was more like his father who did not want the club to end up becoming what Clay had in mind. It was a gigantic power struggle between the two for the first few years of the program.

Perlman told NPR, “That was all done for us. You know, Kurt Sutter created the show. He spent a lot of time in Northern Cali, hanging out with the real deal guys. What you see in a lot of movies – you see a lot of movies about motorcycle gangs, Aand everybody’s scratching, and everybody’s fat and everybody’s hairy. And, you know, it’s kind of like – it’s almost like a caricature version.”

He enjoyed the character and spending time on the show. Sutter also did his homework. Clay was an interesting figure on the program because he was holding onto something. He also had a wife in Gemma who was Jax’s father. Her loyalty to the two was constantly tested. This caused all sorts of problems early on for SAMCRO and the family.

Perlman continued, “We really – not we, but Kurt really went out of his way to make sure that we had the endorsement of the MC world because we took the time to be as authentic and as subtle and as gray – rather than black and white – as we possibly could be. So I laud him for that.”

“Sons of Anarchy” was a big-time show for seven seasons. Although Perlman’s Clay Morrow did not end up making it for each season. You can watch “Sons of Anarchy” and all the past episodes on Hulu.