‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ryan Hurst Hospitalized, Sends Message to Fans: ‘I’m Alive’

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

“Sons of Anarchy” star Ryan Hurst posted a picture from the hospital earlier this week, although he didn’t reveal what happened to him.

You might recognize Ryan Hurst from his role as Opie Winston in “Sons of Anarchy,” or his stint on “The Walking Dead” as Beta. Either way, PopCulture reports that the star checked into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Thursday, March 31.

Luckily, Hurst doesn’t look too worse for wear. He posted a picture of himself in a hospital bed, wearing a gown and some awesome Ugg boots. He was hooked up to a few machines, including an IV and blood pressure reader. Hurst even referenced “Remember the Titans” in his post, specifically the scene where his character, Gerry Bertier, also celebrates from a hospital bed.

“I’m Alive. It’s just pain…it’s not gonna hurt you. Keep up…and you’ll be kept up!” Hurst wrote in the initial caption. He soon added a comment that said, “Uggs all day!”

While Ryan Hurst didn’t reveal what put him in the hospital, fans did know the “Sons of Anarchy” was in pain earlier this week. On Wednesday, March 30, Hurst posted a photo of himself sitting on a chair, one leg propped up. We can see a bag of ice under his right thigh and a box of Icy Hot front and center in the pic. He also appears to be wearing Ugg boots in this picture.

“It’s Wednesday & we are in it together! Comment your favorite hype music! Ps.who wants to see a partnership with @icyhot and me?” Hurst captioned this post.

Hopefully, Hurst is at home and recovering from whatever’s been troubling him this week. It’s unclear if his right leg is related to the reason he went to the hospital on Thursday. But we wish him well in his recovery either way.

What Has Ryan Hurst Starred in Aside From “Sons of Anarchy?’

Ryan Hurst has an impressive acting resume, aside from his roles in “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Remember the Titans.”

Earlier in his career, Hurst starred alongside Kevin Costner in “The Postman,” circa 1997. Then we saw him in “Saving Private Ryan,” “Patch Adams,” and “Rules of Engagement.”

On the TV side of things, Hurst scored roles in shows like “Bates Motel,” “Outsiders,” and “Bosch” on Amazon Prime. He also appeared in “Paradise City,” “S.W.A.T.,” and “The Mysterious Benedict Society” on Disney Plus. And of course, we can’t forget “The Walking Dead,” which still runs today.

Ryan Hurst’s big upcoming project involves playing Thor in the upcoming video game “God of War: Ragnarok.”