‘Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam Reveals Recent String of Health Issues

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Pablo Cuadra/WireImage)

Since filming the final episode of Sons of Anarchy and leaving Jax Teller behind, Charlie Hunnam has stayed busy with a steady stream of movie roles. This year alone, he earned starring roles in not one but two projects, the Zack Snyder film Rebel Moon and the gripping TV series Shantaram.

The busy schedule is both exciting and fulfilling for Charlie Hunnam. Unfortunately, however, it’s also taken a serious toll on his mental and physical health. It started in India, while Hunnam was hard at work bringing his Shantaram character, Lin, to life.

“When I was in India, I got a bacterial gut infection, a viral gut infection, an acute respiratory infection,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “I had conjunctivitis in both eyes, an ear infection, and dengue fever from a mosquito bite.”

Charlie Hunnam assured fans that he feels “good” now. He added, however, that the horrific combination of illnesses in India was just the start of his troubles. After Shantaram, he moved on to filming Rebel Moon, during which he suffered further health issues.

Charlie Hunnam Suffered Nerve Damage Filming ‘Rebel Moon’

As if multiple infections and a potentially life-threatening mosquito-borne illness weren’t enough, Charlie Hunnam sustained serious injuries to his hips, groin, and legs while working on Rebel Moon. Specifically, he “exploded” the nerves in these areas.

“I just finished doing the Zack Snyder film and got injured again,” he explained. “I have a totally exploded S1 and S2 [nerve] that are torn wide open, a hundred percent dehydrated, It’s going to take two years to heal and I have a 40 percent tear on the ligament on the right side that holds my spinal column in place.”

Charlie Hunnam is a firm believer that “the show must go on”. He can’t deny, however, that he’s clearly pushing himself too hard.

“I am getting to a point where I’m less tolerant of getting injured,” he said. “And [I’m] more eager to try and figure out ways to avoid that and mitigate that moving forward. But the intrepid nature of these experiences go hand in hand with the stories that I’m drawn to. So it kind of goes with the territory.”

Nerve injuries are no minor afflictions. On the contrary, they can lead to severe pain and loss of control of the body parts affected. Charlie Hunnam admitted that there’s no one to blame but himself, though.

“It was through nobody’s fault,” he said. “I was training really hard for some big physical requirements. But I had lost a lot of weight and not really been training for a few years during COVID.”

“So then, really getting back to an aggressive regimen while not listening to my body or giving myself enough time to rest and trying to get as big as I could as quickly as I could, ended up just destroying my back.”