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’Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Rage Tweets at Tony Romo During Bills-Bengals Game

by Craig Garrett
Kim Coates
(Photo by George Pimentel/Getty Images)

Kim Coates is channeling his Sons of Anarchy character Tig Trager and letting a yappy commentator have it during the Bills-Bengals game. Coates is a dyed-in-the-wool Buffalo Bills fan. Last year, he lamented his beloved team’s January 23rd loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Heartbreak. Total 100 percent heartbreak. No words for I feel about my Bills,” he tweeted at the time. However, he did wax poetic about the nature of being a fan. “Sports. Nuthin like the joy and or the pain when you actually win or lose like this game played out. The football gods were playing hockey with 13 seconds left thinking the game was already over.”

With that said it should be no surprise that such a passionate Bills fan would get frustrated with an overzealous commentator. Enter sportscaster Tony Romo. Apparently, Coates reached a breaking point with Romo’s non-stop analysis. “Is it possible for Tony Romo to just NOT talk?” The Last Boy Scout star tweeted. “Like even for a 10-second period. Like I’ll take 5 seconds. Just please stop f-ing talking.”

Many NFL fans seemed to strongly agree with Coates. “Nope. It is not physically possible,” a Twitter user replied. “It’s so funny I was thinking the exact same thing…and then I open Twitter and saw this lol,” another user responded. One fan replied with a meme purporting to be a chatty Tony Romo and his beleaguered co-host, Jim Nantz.

Remarkably, some folks defended Tony Romo from Kim Coates’s remarks

To many people’s disbelief, Tony Romo has his fans. They came out in force to defend their burly sportscaster from Coates. “U do know his job is to talk,” one bemused user tweeted. “I actually like Romo’s commentary! Way better than Aikman. At least he knows football!!!,” another fan claimed.

One NFL fan went on a full-on rant that rivaled Coates’s original post. “It’s actually his job to talk about the game,’ they wrote. “He gets paid a ton to “talk” about the game. While I don’t think this was one of his better games, he’s actually really good at it. Last week people complained that the broadcast was boring, now this. Can’t please you people.”

Coates wasn’t alone in his criticism. USA Today‘s Jeff Risdon had his own scathing assessment of Romo. “Romo and his hyperbolic “stating the obvious” commentary wore on some nerves throughout the season,” Risdon wrote. “But it’s never been worse than it was on Sunday in Buffalo.”

Regardless of the grating commentary, the Bengals won 27-10. And yes, Romo is paid handsomely to get on some folks’ nerves. Back in February 2020, Romo and CBS agreed to a contract extension lasting through at least 2022. Variety reported that the network would be paying him an enormous $17 million per year – making him one of sports broadcasting’s most highly paid personalities, as well as one of television history’s highest-paid NFL analysts.