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‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Remembers Honoring Real-Life ‘Black Hawk Down’ Heroes

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Sons of Anarchy was an iconic show on FX for a number of years. It is still watched and binged by so many fans looking to revisit Charming and spend more time with Jax Teller and the crew. One of those crew members that folks loved to spend time with was Tig, played by Kim Coates. He was a different kind of cat, and folks liked that about him. Well, Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates took to Twitter to honor real-life ‘Black Hawk Down’ heroes this week.

Coates wrote, “Never gonna forget filming this epic .. Tried to honor, and bring respect to the families in real life who lived it … Coates x”

Coates was in the Ridley Scott masterpiece and took a classy approach remembering everything involved and the story behind it. Fans loved the tweet with one fan writing, “Just watched that today, as well as Officer Downe and Cold Brook. I was absolutely in awe of all of those movies!”

Another fan wrote, “Kim…have always listened to & read so carefully the stories you’ve shared about filming #BlackHawkDown…from working with Fichtner & Bana to the location to the intensity of making this movie. This is an incredible film. Tremendous respect always for all who serve & sacrifice.”

Kim Coates on ‘Sons of Anarchy’

One of the more brutal scenes and character development moments in Sons of Anarchy was the death of Tig’s daughter. It was a brutal part of the program following Tig’s reckless behavior in the previous season.

Coates told Daily Actor, “Kurt Sutter grabbed me in New York City six weeks before we did season five and told me what was going to happen and I’m not kidding you guys, I had tears in my eyes. I have two daughters in real life. I really didn’t know what the —- he had just told me, but when I got that script I went immediately to my dear friend Dr. Sam Alibrando, he’s a shrink, therapist and we went over the internal workings of a human being. How can you prepare to do something like that, unless you really get into it, right?”

Coates took it seriously and was crushed to learn where the series was going.

Kim Coates concluded, “So I talked about fight or fleet, fleet or fight, adrenaline, shock, anger, crying, what is numbness, when does the human body go numb. All that stuff and he really knocked it out, he was blown away when he read the two scenes, he couldn’t believe that I had to do that. So for me two nights to film that one scene, I think I did one scene like thirty-eight times.”

Thirty-eight times. That’s commitment, Outsiders.