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’Sons of Anarchy’s Ron Perlman Leaves Fans Highly Confused With Bizarre New Video

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Sons of Anarchy star Ron Perlman left fans of the hit show highly confused on Saturday after posting a wildly bizarre video. See the clip for yourself.

Captioning the strange viral clip, “One from the heart…,” Ron Perlman goes off on a tangent. He states, “I am hereby declaring this day, December 10th, 2022, as, ‘If you post a picture of a bunch of people on Instagram, and you don’t tell us their names because you assume who your obscure-f—ing piece-of-sh*t friends are, you can go f—k yourself’ Day.”

Ron Perlman again states the date before adding, “Have a good one!”

Sons of Anarchy fans had drastically different reactions to Ron Perlman’s Saturday post, which they unhesitatingly shared in the comments.

“So it shall be declared,” one of the Sons of Anarchy star’s followers quipped. Another joked, “Is there merchandise available somewhere?”

Others, however, did not see the humor in the post.

A third, more confused, fan responded to Ron Perlman’s post, “Did I miss something? I feel like I missed something.”

A final fan answered the post with, “Someone’s [having] a rough day.”

Hopefully, if that’s the case, Sunday kicks off a better week for the Sons of Anarchy star.

Ron Perlman’s Strange Post Comes a Month After Ditching Twitter

Social media just doesn’t appear to be Ron Perlman’s thing because not only are Instagram’s algorithms not working out for him, November saw the Sons of Anarchy Star ditch Twitter. Perlman’s decision to leave Twitter came not long after Tesla CEO Elon Musk overtook the company. The 72-year-old actor shared his decision to leave Musk’s newest conquest in a marginally less bizarre post last month.

In his caption, Ron Perlman exuberantly wrote, “That big empty space at the bottom right [of the screen] is where my Twitter app used to be. Instagram, it’s just you and me now baby! Let’s make some f—ing noise!!”

Given the time at which Ron Perlman chose to leave Twitter, his post, again, saw mixed reactions. Some Sons of Anarchy fans voiced their support for the actor, especially after Musk laid off hundreds of former Twitter employees with little to no notice. Others, however, threw their support behind the latter.

“May join ya in deleting it as well,” one fan responded. Another added, “I dropped it also.”

Others, however, showed support for Elon Musk.

“Best thing to ever happen to twitter…was elon musk,” a third person claimed at the time.

Ron Perlman is not the only celebrity to have departed the social media site since Musk’s takeover. Other prominent individuals include The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg, supermodel Gigi Hadid, and TV screenwriter Shonda Rhimes.