Spend Christmas at ‘A Christmas Story’ House: Here’s How

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Kiesha Jenkins-Duffy / Contributor / via Getty Images

“I triple-dog-dare ya” to go ahead and stay in the famous suburban home in which “A Christmas Story” takes place.

“A Christmas Story” continues to be regarded as one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time. So much so that fans of the movie can turn on TBS starting on Christmas Eve and then proceed to watch the festive movie 12 consecutive times. Surely, at that point, you could close your eyes and recite it yourself.

“A Christmas Story” follows youngster Ralphie Parker and his adventures right around Christmas time. From dodging a bully to yearning for the Red Ryder BB Gun (which will likely shoot his eye out) to arguing with his dad, Ralphie has quite the holiday experience.

Many of the iconic scenes of the 1983 movie also take place in the family’s suburban home. For example, it’s where Ralphie enjoys a delicious bar of soap after mouthing off and it’s where the dad gets his iconic leg lamp (fragile!) sent.

Booking a Stay at ‘A Christmas Story’ House

Now, fans can go ahead and stay in this famous “A Christmas Story” house. The house is located at 3159 W. 11th St. in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.

According to the Christmas Story House & Museum site, the holiday bookings to stay in the home require a minimum two-night stay. The cost to stay in the house is not at all cheap. It’s about $3,995 to live it up like Ralphie and his family, depending on the day you choose to book your stay. There can be up to six guests staying in the private third-floor loft. Here you will find replicas of the Parker family’s bedrooms, a living room, a sleeper sofa, a full kitchen, and a bathroom.

After the museum closes at 9 p.m., guests can then roam the rest of the three-story home as much as they’d like. That lower level is a museum full of different props from the iconic Christmas movie. One of which includes that Red Ryder BB Gun that is so heavily mentioned in the movie.

As of right now, you can still book the “A Christmas Story” house can right around Christmas time, as well as for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Not to mention, you can also decide to book a stay at the Bumpus House right next door. This is where the Parker family’s hilarious “hillbilly” neighbors lived. There are several suites that you can choose to stay in. That includes the Hound Dog Haven Suite for $695 and the Stolen Turkey Suite for $995. You can book a stay at either house, here.

There’s no better location to watch that 24-hour “A Christmas Story” marathon, after all.