‘Station 19’: One Character Is Going to Be a Parent

by Amanda Glover

Surprise, surprise, Station 19 fans, one character is about to be a mother. Can you guess who?

No clues here, it’s Vic, played by Barrett Doss. Although we expected many changes for Season 5 Episode 9, this was not on our list. Not that this isn’t great! After all, this has to be one of the biggest TV surprises to come out of the show this year. Knowing how this all came to be definitely contributes to our shock.

Earlier on the episode of “Station 19,” Carina encouraged Vic to go into Grey Sloan. But she did not suspect anything close to the truth. After taking one of the tests that were done at the hospital, the truth comes to light.

Obviously, Vic was shocked to find out about her pregnancy. A big question is what does it mean for her and Theo? Considering where their previous relationship, a pregnancy complicates things.

So where will the story go for Vic and the rest of Station 19? Although this pregnancy was clearly unexpected, maybe it’ll be a positive chapter of her life.

‘Station 19’ Fans Are Not Happy With These Crossovers

Since 2018, “Station 19” offered fans all of the drama from its long-running spin-off, “Grey’s Anatomy,” but still managed to make it their own. However, there are times when the series crosses over with another Shonda Rhimes drama and fans are not into it.

Apparently, with the news that “Grey’s Anatomy” has been renewed for a 19th season, there are some Station 19 viewers that don’t share others’ excitement. Don’t worry, Outsiders. ABC’s firefighter drama is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s going into its sixth season later this year. That also means more crossovers with its medical drama. However, “Station 19” fans shared their disdain for the possibility of more crossovers on Reddit.

“When you’re binge-watching either show and suddenly you realize you’ve missed an important crossover episode [because] you’ve missed either an injury or death,” one fan wrote. “It’s also a pain [because] [Grey’s Anatomy] is on Netflix, but [Station 19] is on Hulu so there’s really no easy way to watch both shows together, in order, without a whole bunch of effort on the individuals part.”

This isn’t the only fan to share this reason for not liking the constant crossovers.

“I agree, while I love both shows, sometimes I just want to watch one or the other. But then I have to watch the other to understand lol. I really don’t mind it too much but I wish they would just let S19 be its own show sometimes,” another fan commented.

I guess it does sound a bit frustrating to have to constantly keep up with both shows to understand what’s happening in the other. Not having both streaming services likely add to the trouble too. Sorry, Outsiders. But for now, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.