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Stephen King Addresses Gabby Petito Case, Brian Laundrie’s Death

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Leigh Vogel/WireImage)

In the twisted and brilliant mind of horror author Stephen King, finding out Brian Laundrie’s cause of death seems unlikely.

The author tweeted out his thought on Sunday, Oct, 24. He referenced the growing opinion that Laundrie committed suicide after Petito’s parents reported her missing.

“I suspect Brian Laundrie committed suicide,” King admitted. “But unless he left a suicide note in the notebook found with his body, the cause of his death may be tough or even impossible to prove.”

The authorities confirmed that they found Laundrie’s body at the Carlton Reserve and Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on Oct. 21. Dental records matched those of the skeleton they found. But the initial autopsy reports came back inconclusive, making it difficult to determine his cause of death.

The notebook Stephen King refers to was discovered along with a backpack and drybag near the partial remains. According to North Port Police Department public information officer Josh Taylor, the notebook “may be [more] salvageable” than the authorities originally thought.

If the FBI or police can analyze the notebook, they might find something that points to either Petito, Laundrie, or both of their deaths. In King’s mind, the notebook is key to the answers both families seek to this tragic event.

Stephen King Fans Weigh in on the Horror Author’s Prediction

According to The Sun, many fans were surprised by Stephen King’s announcement. They claimed he rarely comments on “current mysteries” that take place outside of his novels. Maybe the horror author is gathering fodder for his next book, or maybe he’s just turning his creative mind onto the facts of the case.

“That’s some s–t right there when The Stephen King tweets about #BrianLaundrie,” one Twitter user wrote.

“BRO even stephen king is giving us his opinion…” another person said.

“I am so super glad that stephen king stepped in on this,” a different fan commented.

Some believe Brian Laundrie’s parents, Chris and Roberta, knew far more than they let on. After all, police discovered the body and items the same day that those two joined the search in Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park.

Others heartily agreed with Stephen King’s belief that Laundrie killed himself. The only other plausible deaths in people’s minds would be an animal attacking Laundrie and killing him, or some other natural accident.

Others were upset that King commented at all on the case. Especially with his speculation that we’ll never get the answers we seek unless Laundrie left a note. This one Twitter user has faith in the coroners and medical examiners trying to find a cause of death.

“Stephen King lives in a world where forensic science doesn’t exist,” the person tweeted.

Another person chimed in, “??? Mr King have you never spent time with a forensic scientist or a coroner ??? They will find the most microscopic piece of evidence that can physically be found and prove it can get there only one way.”

We’ll have to wait and hear more from the corners about Laundrie’s potential cause of death in later weeks.