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Stephen King Goes Full Farmer in New Pic Rocking Cowboy Hat, Walking ‘Between the Rows’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Ulf Andersen/Getty Images

Famous horror author Stephen King is getting up close and personal with corn out in the fields.

The author tweeted a photo of himself wearing an all-black cowboy hat with his arms crossed. Meanwhile, you can see the tall corn plants sprouting up all around him. King captioned the photo with an eery, “He Who Walks Between the Rows.”

King of the Corn

The picture seems to have sparked a hilarious negative reaction to those who are avid Stephen King horror fans. Specifically, those that are a fan, or afraid, of the “Children of the Corn” franchise.

One Twitter user even said that he is the reason they are permanently afraid of corn. “I have never been comfortable with corn since reading your books. We live where corn is planted behind us…one dark night I heard rustling & popping, saw the corn moving. I was terrified…saw a whitish, ghostly creature appear….the cows had got loose…lol! Scarred for life!”

It seems like even King is a fan of incorporating corn in every possible instance. He later tweeted, “I’d like to see the Children of the Corn vs. Leprechaun. In space.”

It’s unclear where Stephen King snapped the photo surrounded by corn. It’s likely in Maine, where the author spends most of his time. He has a property in Lovell, Maine as well as in Sarasota, Florida for during the winter months. He also once owned a property in Bangor, Maine, but that has since been converted into a museum and a writer’s retreat hot spot.

Stephen King’s Favorite Books

King has an incredibly long career and has been publishing terrifying and popular horror stories for over 40 years. Many of his short stories or novels are now movies, miniseries, or other interesting adaptations. “The Outsider,” “The Stand,” “Lisey’s Story,” and “Chapelwaite” are a few that have been adapted for TV shows recently.

During a recent interview on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” King was asked what his favorite books or short stories are that he’s written over the years. It may surprise some people, seeing as the ones that are most memorable and popular didn’t make that list.

He said that “Survivor Type,” “Misery,” “Lisey’s Story,” “The Stand,” and “Stand By Me” (also known as “The Body”) were all on that list. His most recent novel is “Billy Summers.”

The novel is a crime story about a hired assassin. It so far has cumulated so pretty positive reviews.

Meanwhile, Stephen King is also amongst many writers in which their “not-for-sale” books have been selling for a lot. These novels can create bidding frenzies outside of the literary world. According to Wall Street Journal, there is a proof version of King’s first novel, “Carrie,” on sale for $3,000.

Other books will go for even more. An unmodified version of the classic John Steinback book “canary roe” sells for $35,000.