A Steve Martin Classic Is Getting a Remake

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

Oh yes. A Steve Martin classic is getting the reboot treatment, and this time it is Cheaper By The Dozen. This time, though, Martin will not be involved. No, it will be a series this time starring Zach Braff from Scrubs acclaim in a Disney+ series.

It’s happening and it will also include Gabrielle Union as the co-leader of the household with Braff as they navigate raising 12 children.

The concept first originated in a 1950 film with the same name and has been reimagined multiple times now.

Steve Martin Current Projects

Martin has stayed busy in his seventies. Currently, he works with Martin Short and Selena Gomez in the hit program Only Murders in the Building. On the project with Short and Gomez, he told the Virginia Pilot, “Only Murders in the Building has only been on for about seven weeks now and we haven’t really been out on the road since then. We don’t really know what the effects are. I think Marty and I agree, you can feel the effects when you’re walking down the street because people become more aware of you if you’re currently on a television show. But I don’t know what the effect is on young people. I’d rather have you tell me because I don’t really know. I hardly know any young people. Marty is the youngest person I know.

Even though the show has been a hit with the younger audience, Martin is unaware. He is isolated in a bubble, so he does not really know how it is being received by this generation. Short is no different, but Martin does not pretend to be well-versed with what young people are into. He knows who he is and he knows where he is in his career. For him, this is just a fun project with a longtime friend of his.

Steve Martin and Martin Short Friendship

Speaking of their friendship Martin said, “Marty and I are good friends, but we don’t talk every day. We live in different parts of the United States.” That’s just how it goes for these two. It works for them. Nobody is complaining. He followed up by saying, “We see each other when we work. We talk on the phone occasionally, but it’s not like calling someone five times a day.”

This is kind of how life goes when we get older, huh, Outsiders? It gets harder and harder to keep up with your friends that you used to see and talk to so much more. For Martin and actors like him, these roles give him the beautiful and fortunate opportunity to have a reason to Short often. Without the program, they don’t have the time to reconnect. This is a major upside of working with Short on this particular project. How cool is that for both Short and Martin?