Steven Seagal: One of the Action Star’s Best Movies Just Hit Netflix

by Madison Miller

Amongst an exciting year for streaming services, Netflix is dropping another action movie worth the watch.

Netflix just dropped the action thriller movie “Under Siege” as a part of its May releases. This is a 1992 film directed by Andrew Davis (“Holes,” “Code of Silence) and is written by J.F. Lawton (“Pretty Woman.”)

Steven Seagal Movie on Netflix

The movie stars Steven Seagal as an ex-Navy SEAL. He is trying to stop a dangerous group of mercenaries as they board the U.S. Navy battleship, “Missouri.” The mercenaries are led by Tommy Lee Jones’s William Strannix (“The Fugitive,” “Lonesome Dove,” “Men in Black,” and “No Country for Old Men.”)

Steven Seagal also acts in “On Deadly Ground,” “Exit Wounds,’ “Above the Law,” and “The Patriot.”

Seagal’s character, Chief Petty Officer Casey Ryback, is aboard the ship working as the captain’s personal cook. However, when Tommy Lee Jones’s character, William Strannix, leads his group of terrorists aboard, Ryback must save the day. Gary Busey also has a role as a member of Strannix’s team. He is the inside man that helps him follow through with his mission.

Also starring in the movie is Erika Eleniak, a Playboy model who starred in several films throughout the ’90s. She is portraying a Playboy Playmate in the film who was aboard the ship and ends up helping Ryback stop the terrorist organization.

The 1992 film was highly successful and grossed over $150 million with a budget of only $35 million. Due to its success, a sequel was made in 1995 called “Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.” The film also received two Oscar nominations for sound production. The musical score was done by Gary Chang.

Other New Movies on Netflix

Besides “Under Siege,” Netflix is adding many more movies throughout May.

This month the streaming platform is adding the next installment of “Master of None,” perhaps one of the most popular and most anticipated additions. New seasons of “Special,” “Who Killed Sara?” “Selena,” and “Lucifer” is also coming.

Some films being added include “Woman in the Window,” a movie starring Amy Adams as a child psychologist who witnesses a crime next door. The movie has faced a number of delays. Zack Snyder’s zombie film “Army of the Dead” is coming soon as well as “Monster,” based on the Walter Dean Myers novel.

As for older films, Netflix is adding “Back to the Future,” “Notting Hill,” “Scarface,” “The Sweetest Thing,” and “Zombieland.”