Stevie Nicks Speaks Out on Her Turbulent Past: ‘I Survived Me’

by Taylor Cunningham

Stevie Nicks got candid with Tim McGraw on Wednesday (August 18th) about her history of substance abuse. She told the country star that her past struggles don’t define her.

On an episode of McGraw’s podcast, Beyond the Influence Radio, Nicks shared that she’d like to publish a collection of stories about her life. However, she won’t include any information about her past drug addictions.

“I managed to save myself,” she told McGraw. “I survived myself.” She then explained that she was the one who checked herself into rehab. “Nobody did that for me. I did it and that’s like with my whole life.” She told the country legend that she would “dance over those parts just to give the wisdom out to people” if she were to share her story with the world.

Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks said that she hadn’t even entertained the idea of publishing her life story until recently. But if she moves forward, she’d like to focus on the parts of her past that shaped her music career. For example, she’d like to include stories about her grandfather, who taught her how to sing. She’d also like to write about her first time signing with 20th Century Fox.

Stevie Nicks Cancelled Her Remaining 2021 Concerts

Recently, singer and songwriter Stevie Nicks announced that the show will not go on. She has canceled her remaining 2021 concert dates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

With only five shows remaining on her tour, Nicks decided to pull the plug because of the rising infection rates. The 73-year-old vocalist told reporters that, “While I’m vaccinated, at my age I am still being extremely cautious and for that reason have decided to skip the five performances I had planned for 2021.”

She continued to add that “These are challenging times with challenging decisions,” and she wants everyone “to be safe and healthy.”

Stevie Nicks fans have been mostly supportive of her decision. Comments such as “choosing health over money is always the right decision. Love me some @StevieNicks,” and “safety is top priority love u gf” have been filling her Twitter feed since she shared her decision.

Nicks Blocked Ex-Boyfriend From Returning to Fleetwood Mac

Mick Fleetwood, founder of Fleetwood Mac, would like to reunite his band. But that may not be possible due to ongoing turmoil between two of the band’s most famous stars.

Lindsey Buckingham, who recently released a solo album, told Entertainment Weekly that “There have been intimations from Mick, who I’ve talked to several times, that he wants to try to get the five of us back together.” But Stevie Nicks allegedly said she never wanted to perform with Buckingham again.

Nicks made the comment after the band fired Buckingham in 2018. In his EW interview, Buckingham expressed that he wasn’t happy about how he left the band and he’d like to make things right. But for that to happen, “It’s really going to take Stevie coming to that point of view, and I haven’t spoken to Stevie in a long, long time, so I don’t know where that’s at.”