Stolen James Bond ‘Goldfinger’ Aston Martin May Be in the Middle East, Sleuth Reports

by Chris Haney

Fans of the James Bond movie series know 007’s gadget-filled 1964 Aston Martin DB5 well. Unfortunately, one of the two original cars used in Goldfinger and Thunderball disappeared in the ’90s, but new information may have finally led to its whereabouts.

In the unsolved theft case, parties involved may now be a step closer to recovering the famous vehicle. In 1997, the iconic Aston Martin disappeared from a Boca Raton airport hangar. The silver coupe vanished without a trace with investigators assuming a cargo plane or drug-smuggling plane flew off with it.

In 1986, real estate developer Anthony Pugliese bought the James Bond car at auction for $275,000. Pugliese insured the car for $4.2 million at the time. Ironically, that’s close to the $4.1 million the second original Aston Martin sold for at auction in 2010.

A new podcast series from Spyscape titled “The Great James Bond Car Robbery” reviews the mysterious missing car case. Actress Elizabeth Hurley narrates the podcast that has recently revealed new details about the Aston Martin.

Art Recovery International CEO Christopher A. Marinello runs a firm that tracks down valuable stolen items. He and his company have been looking for the Aston Martin for over a decade. Additionally, they have an open $100,000 reward available to anyone who has information that could lead to the car’s recovery.

“I had the Corgi toy version of the car when I was a kid,” Marinello said to Fox News. “It means a lot to me personally and to the world. It’s perhaps the most famous car ever.”

Marinello also called the famous Aston Martin his “white whale.” He said he’s been on the search for the “Holy Grail” of cars for years, but that he’s fairly sure he now knows where it is located.

James Bond’s Aston Martin is Likely Part of a 4,000 Car Collection

The art recovery CEO didn’t publicly name the individual or the country where he believes the car rests. But Marinello does think he has a good idea of where it’s at these days. He thinks the James Bond-driven Aston Martin is in the Middle East and owned by one of the top car collectors in the world.

“If I’m right, it’s part of a collection of around 4,000 vehicles,” Marinello said.

He gets tips about the 007 automobile often. Yet a recent tip about the coupe turned out to be exceedingly credible. Marinello isn’t accusing the current owner of theft. In fact, he says the owner likely may not even know that the car is stolen.

“These sorts of people buy a lot of luxury items, often without going through due diligence. And when they find out something is stolen, they think they’re above the law and that it’s not their problem. But it is their problem,” Marinello explained.

Marinello hopes to discreetly approach the owner and work out a deal for the Aston Martin’s return. While the original owner insured it for $4.2 million in the late ’90s, the car is worth far more today.

A third identical version of the car was built to promote the 1965 James Bond spy thriller Thunderball. Even without the car making an appearance in the film, it sold at auction for $6.4 million in 2019. Marinello believes the missing Aston Martin could fetch $15 million or more if it is returned and hits auction.