‘Storage Wars’: Brandi Passante Explained How the Show Wasn’t a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Treasure Hunt

by Chris Haney

Earlier this year, Storage Wars star Brandi Passante gave an interview where she explained that the hit reality TV series isn’t just a get-rich-quick treasure hunt.

As Season 13 got underway, Distractify spoke with the reality star about the series returning to filming. Like many other shows, the COVID-19 pandemic brought production of the hit A&E series to a halt in 2020. The network has made up for that though by airing its 13th season earlier this year and following that up with the debut of Season 14 this month.

Fans probably noticed a few differences since the series has returned. Buyers stand further away from each other, and cast members are wearing masks. While speaking to the outlet, Passante spoke about numerous things, including whether or not the show is scripted.

Passante admits that the show doesn’t always highlight some of the less favorable storage unit purchases. It’s no surprise that the network prefers to feature the more lucrative hauls. However, Brandi denies that the series plants expensive items in the units.

“You’re going to get good ones and bad ones, and I don’t think the show really highlights the bad ones as much … but it definitely happens,” Passante explained to Distractify in April. “From the very beginning, I think when people saw the show, they just assumed that this was some kind of get-rich-quick, modern-day treasure hunt. And in every unit, you’re going to find something great, but that’s just not how it goes. You just have to try your best to make a guesstimate as to what’s going to be in there.”

‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante Was the Big Winner in New Season Premiere

As previously mentioned, the newest season of Storage Wars debuted earlier this month on Nov. 2. Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson are back at the helm of the show, and so is everyone’s favorite buyers.

While fan-favorite Barry Weiss made his long-awaited return to the series this season, it was Brandi Passante who was the big winner in the Season 14 premiere. In fact, she took advantage of the first storage unit that came up for auction. Plus Passante only had to pay $165 for the contents of the locker. What seemed like an iffy unit purchase full of random furniture items turned out to be quite the score.

The combination of some solid furniture pieces and a vintage music player ended up bringing in a solid profit for Passante. Considering she only spent $165, and the items within the unit were worth an estimated $2,500, Brandi definitely hit a home run. That’s a $2,335 profit on her winning auction bid. It’s hard to beat that kind of a profit on such a small investment. Therefore Passante came away a clear winner in the season premiere.