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‘Storage Wars’: Dan Dotson Shares Preview of Tonight’s Season Premiere Episode

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for A+E Networks)

Storage Wars is back and with it the intense bidding process. Within seconds, the price of a locker jumps hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Then comes the moment of truth when the winners get to reap their rewards – or lack thereof.

Ahead of tonight’s season premiere, auctioneer Dan Dotson shared a clip of the intense moment when all of our favorite bidders – including Barry Weiss – compete for the goods. During the clip, Dotson called out the offers one after the other until finally, it hit $300. And what do you know, the man behind the money was returning Storage Wars champ Weiss. Eager to get back into the game, the king of collectibles dropped $300 on the storage locker with his partner, Kenny Crossley.

Take a look at the competition to come in tonight’s episode.

It seemed that Laura Dotson was just as excited to start the season as the rest of the group. She eagerly encouraged the bidders to start giving offers, keeping up with her husband’s unbelievably quick chatter. The closest competitor for the locker was fellow Storage Wars star Darrell Gambler, who maxed out at $275. Following the bidding war, Gambler commended Weiss on his purchase and thoughtfully offered him a bottle of water.

“I haven’t bought a locker in years,” Weiss said after the transaction. “I gotta see what’s in there right now.”

‘Storage Wars’ Star Barry Weiss Is Back in Action

As Weiss and Crossler survey their purchase, they deliberate over the best way to examine the items within the locker. Crossler, the stronger of the two, offers to unload the locker and bring out the boxes to Weiss. But the fellow Storage Wars star refused this plan.

“No, what are you talking about? We’re a team,” Weiss told him.

Sounds like Weiss wants to help Crossler with the heavy lifting, right?

Not so much.

“All right, you grab the boxes and bring them to me,” Weiss told his partner.

Thankfully, Crossler was all-too-familiar with Weiss’ dry humor and chuckled.

Besides giving his partner grief, Weiss had good reason to sit back and let Crossler do the hard work. Just two years ago, the 70-year-old Storage Wars suffered a severe motorcycle accident that left him with some pretty serious injuries. While taking a ride with a friend, both riders were hit by an oncoming vehicle that failed to see them. The driver was backing out of a parking space and crashed right into Weiss and his friend. The accident left the Storage Wars star with “serious chest and leg trauma,” according to the other victim.

Now that he’s had time to heal from the accident, Weiss has found a new sense of motivation for uncovering hidden gems among old Storage Wars friends.