‘Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson Promises to ‘Never Forget’ 9/11 Heroes

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

A slew of celebrities, including Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson, took to social media today to pay tribute to those who were lost on 9/11. This year is a particularly somber milestone because it marks 20 years since the two planes brought down the Twin Towers in New York City, and another went down after it targeted the Pentagon.

The event is still fresh in millions of minds. We’re living among a generation of people who remember exactly where they were when they heard the newscasters break into their TVs or radios with the news that our country had been attacked. And those who do remember that day clearly have pledged to “never forget.”

One of those people is Dan Dotson from A&E’s Storage Wars. And today he posted a simple message of solidarity and remembrance on Twitter.

In his Tweet, he attached a now-famous photo taken by a bystander the moment the second plane hit the Twin Towers. The capture shows that building as it burst into flames. And black smoke is engulfing the second tower. Written over the photograph are the mournful words,” never forget.”

“We’ll never forget!” Dotson captioned. “#GodBlessAmerica and all her heroes.”

Other Stars Join ‘Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson in Remembering the Victims of 9/11

Many stars and organizations joined Storage Wars star Dan Dotson today in remembering the victims of the horrific attack on our country two decades ago. Social media sites lit up with photos and words about the day that’s etched into our memories.

Bruce Springsteen was one of the celebrities who paid tribute today. Dressed in a black suit and tie, he stood on a New York City stage and performed his single, I’ll See You in My Dreams.

In the video of his tribute, a crowd of people holding photos of the victims surrounded the stage.  

The Atlanta Braves also welcomed first responders as they performed the National Anthem. First, the Georgia team dedicated its pregame to the EMS members who willingly ran into the flames that day. Then before the first pitch, two Henry County Fire Department Lieutenants stepped onto the field to sing The Star-Spangled Banner. 

“Performing the National Anthem tonight: Henry County Fire Department Lieutenant Rodney Brooks and Butts County Fire Department Division Chief Mark Ware.”

The Braves ended the memorial with a fly-over from four Shaw Airforce Base F16s. While they soared over Truist Park, first-responders carried a flag in honor of those we lost.