‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Teases Something ‘Great’ in New Selfie While Filming Show

by Joe Rutland

“Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson decided it would be a good idea to tease you with a photo of himself and his wife Laura on social media.

Well, “Storage Wars” is apparently in the middle of filming new episodes of the show. Dotson put out a photo on Twitter with some cryptic words connected to it.

Take a look for yourself and see if you can make sense of what Dotson is up to right now.

“Storage Wars” recently started up its 13th season on A&E back in April 2021. The show originally ran for 12 seasons between December 2010 and January 2019.

Now the show follows professional buyers who go through storage facilities all around California and bid on the storage unit’s stuff. See, in California, if you don’t pay rent for three straight months on your storage locker, then the stuff in there gets to be auctioned off in a cash-only auction.

So “Storage Wars” follows the journey of these bidders. The show isn’t just popular in the United States, though. It has an international following in countries like Singapore, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Italy. That’s because the show runs on A&E International, too.

The show, as we pointed out, is in its 13th season. Whether it comes back for a 14th season or not is anybody’s guess right now. Outsiders who love to see “Storage Wars” and all the goodies Dan and Laura pick up at auctions will have to stay tuned to A&E.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Had Not-So-Friendly Run-In With His French Bulldog

Back in December 2020, “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson almost lost a finger. Yes, he tried to break up a fight between his two French Bulldogs. That didn’t turn out too well.

In recent episodes of “Storage Wars,” Dotson has bandages around his left ring finger.

Here’s the inside scoop on what happened. He tried to get between Louis and Jax, his French Bulldogs. Well, he learned a hard lesson. What was it? Don’t put your hand out when a dog is biting.

Louis and Jax were fighting but one of them bit off the tip of Dotson’s left ring finger. Can you say “Ouch!” real loud? Dotson probably did.

He talked about his injury and even uploaded a video back in December. The video is graphic. It shows the tip of his ring finger almost severed, only held together by a few pieces of skin.

Rambo, Dotson’s Mastiff, came in and charged to break up the fight. Louis and Jax were no match for Rambo. Sadly, the damage was done to Dotson’s finger.

So you’ll have to see what other mischief Dotson and his dogs get into as “Storage Wars” continues to air on A&E.