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‘Storage Wars’: Here’s Nabila Haniss’ Net Worth in 2021

by Amy Myers
(Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

She might not be on the show anymore, but former Storage Wars star Nabila Haniss still has an astounding net worth. Since the start of her bidding career, Haniss has racked up millions of dollars to her name.

Like many of her costars, Haniss didn’t begin bidding on the show. Rather, she created an impressive reputation for herself at the storage units years before. By the time she was a star on Storage Wars, local bidders knew that she was a formidable force at the bid. She further proved this notion true with her versatile knowledge of collectibles and her willingness to spend cash to earn cash.

Back in 2007, Haniss found a storage locker that contained some of Paris and Nicky Hilton’s personal items. From diaries to home videos, the unit showed a side of the heiress that the world hadn’t seen. Haniss purchased the locker for just under $3,000 before teaming up with Bardia Persa to create the website, Parisexposed.com. On the site, the team charged patrons a fee to view the Hilton’s personal assets. In the end, she racked in her total known net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth – $10 million.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Paris Hilton to find out about the future Storage Wars star’s arrangement. Hilton quickly filed a lawsuit against Haniss, though the amount of which is unknown. She later released a statement on the incident, per People.

“I was appalled to learn that people are exploiting my and my sister’s private personal belongings for commercial gain,” the celebrity said.

Fellow ‘Storage Wars’ Star Only Has One-Fifth the Networth of Nabila Haniss

Although Haniss only appeared on a few episodes of Storage Wars, she has earned herself five times the net worth of fellow Storage Wars star Jarrod Schulz. But while Haniss racked up most of her cash on one deal, Schulz earned much of his money on the show.

In fact, before Schulz began on Storage Wars, he had trouble making a living in the mortgage industry. After a financial crisis in the mid-2000s worsened his situation, Schulz set his sights on a different business opportunity. Thankfully, his previous career gave him some insight into which items truly held value on the market.

For much of his time on the series, Schulz starred alongside his girlfriend, Brandi Passante. Together, the two had a fair amount of success bidding on storage units, but alas, their relationship was not so fruitful. Eventually, the two split and only Passante remained on Storage Wars.

When all was said and done for Schulz, he managed to create a net worth of $2 million for himself. Even though it’s only a fraction of co-star Haniss’ worth, it still makes way for a healthy bank account.