‘Storage Wars’: Here’s What Dave Hester Has Been Up to Since Leaving Show in 2012

by John Jamison

Dave Hester has been dividing “Storage Wars” fans’ opinions since he first appeared on the show in 2010. He has been notoriously difficult to get along with over the years, feuding with multiple former co-stars. And he famously sued A&E for firing him without cause in 2012 before getting his job back years later. But it wouldn’t last, as he left for good in 2017. So what has Hester gotten himself into since his dispute with the network in 2012?

Well, the better question is: what hasn’t the “Storage Wars” star gotten himself into over the past nine years? He’s been involved in everything from a catchphrase dispute with singer Trey Songz to accusing the network of staging the show for the sake of ratings. Nowadays, he runs an auctioneering business and enjoys spending time with his family.

Rewind to 2012, though, and Dave Hester’s life was considerably more dramatic. He publicly accused A&E of firing him for complaining about how they staged the storage unit auctions for the show. Hester sought $750,000 in the suit, and after years of litigation, he eventually settled with the network. Not only that, but he also made a return to “Storage Wars” for a few years before packing up and leaving for good in 2017.

Hester also got into a trademark dispute with Trey Songz over his catchphrase, “Yuuup!” Fans of “Storage Wars” will remember it well. But apparently, the singer used the same phrase in the introductions to his songs and moved to trademark it himself. The two took it to court but eventually settled the matter privately.

These days, Dave Hester has a pretty busy schedule as a storage unit auctioneer. His website lists a schedule that sees him traveling up and down California for auctions over the next few months.

‘Storage Wars’ Returned This Year for the First Time Since 2019

After the show was off the air for years, many “Storage Wars” fans gave up hope that it would ever return. People close to the show even said that it was over. But out of nowhere, the show came back for Season 13 in April 2021. It wrapped up in May with what could very possibly be the last episode of the long-running A&E series.

There is no word yet on whether or not there will be a 14th season of “Storage Wars.” But Dan Dotson, a star of the show since it began in 2010, gave fans a glimmer of hope when he tweeted from the set of a special they were working on, which appears to be affiliated with “Storage Wars” to some degree.

Perhaps fans will be lucky enough to see Dave Hester make a return to the fold in some way via the new project. Though it’s unlikely, considering the violent history he shares with Dotson. The two got into a brawl in 2015 after they shared some not-so-pleasant words.