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‘Storage Wars’: How Barry Weiss Proved He Deserves ‘the Collector’ Nickname in Epic Return

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Season 14 of Storage Wars is currently underway, and fan-favorite Barry Weiss is back once again on the hit A&E television show.

For years, Storage Wars has been one of the most popular shows among the network’s lineup. Fans have flocked to the reality TV series, which first aired back in 2010. The show follows a group of treasure hunters who bid on repossessed storage units looking to strike it rich.

As for Weiss, he brought a certain amount of class and humor to Storage Wars that couldn’t be replaced. During the first few seasons of the show, he played an integral part in attracting viewers. However, fans have missed Weiss’s presence on the show since Season 4 came to an end. Therefore, when the show teased The Collector’s return, fans couldn’t wait for the new season to begin.

On Tuesday night, Storage Wars returned for its newest season with back-to-back episodes. Of course, it wouldn’t be authentic if Barry “The Collector” Weiss didn’t make his return in style. A vintage black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr made a grand entrance on the show, but no one truly believed Weiss was at the wheel. Low and behold, Weiss stepped out of the classic car to the shock of the rest of the cast. It’s been eight years since The Collector made an appearance, but he quickly picked up where he left off and showed everyone why he earned that nickname.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Shows Everyone How It’s Done

After the cast welcomed Barry Weiss back to the show, it was time to get down to business. Everyone prepared for the first storage unit auction, which seemed packed to the brim. But as always, no one knows what’s inside or how much the unit is truly worth. To no one’s surprise, Weiss outbid everyone when he paid $300 for the storage auction.

However, early on it looked like Weiss had made a mistake with his bid. The unit was filled with worthless junk. So much so that he and Kenny estimated the whole unit to be worth around $100. They had already accepted defeat and a $200 loss, but three vintage watches caught The Collector’s eye.

He ended up taking the three watches to an expert to have them appraised. The watch expert valued an original Popeye Watch at $100 and estimated Barry’s second watch to be around $150. But his third watch caught everyone off guard. The iconic Chevrolet watch turned heads when the expert revealed its value. Today, Weiss could get around $1,500 for the Chevy watch.

After thinking he’d taken at least a $200 loss, the show stated that Weiss made a profit of $1,503 for the watches and other miscellaneous items. It should come as no surprise, The Collector has still got it.

Storage Wars returns with a new episode each Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on A&E.