‘Storage Wars’: How Much Are Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson Worth?

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

It’s fairly ordinary to look at actors’ net worth, as well as reality show stars. When talking about Storage Wars, we typically think about people like Darrell or Ivy, but what about the auctioneers? A recent article looked at Dan and Laura Dotson’s net worth, which is quite high.

SK Pop examined the prominent Storage Wars couple and notes their combined worth easily breaks seven figures. With them attending anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 auctions per year on top of appearing regularly on the show, they have an individual net worth of $4.5 million. Together, that means they’re totaling a whopping $9 million.

The couple has appeared on Storage Wars since the series began back in 2010. This not only gave them good money (naturally), but it boosted their popularity and visibility. Additionally, Dan’s family line is filled with auctioneers, so you could almost say it’s in his blood. He’s been excited about the craft since he was 11-years-old and had his grandfather teach him about it.

After meeting and marrying his now-wife Laura, he shared what he knew with her. The two then opened their own business, American Auctioneers. The firm’s profits come from a percentage of the bids items receive, meaning some payouts can be huge.

After suffering a double brain aneurysm in 2014, Dan luckily recovered and bought StorageAuctions.net with Laura, increasing their worth further. The site lets users search for items with no seller and membership fees, as well as free registration.

Dan Dotson’s French Bulldog Bit Off the Tip of His Finger

While many facts about Dan and Laura Dotson are common knowledge, Dan nearly losing his finger isn’t as well known. The incident resulted from his French Bulldog biting him and almost taking the tip of it off.

Occurring in December of last year, Dotson learned the hard way not to step between two feuding dogs. He owns two French Bulldogs, Louis and Jax, who began fighting one day. Dan tried to step in and break the two up, but one of them bit into his left ring finger so hard the tip was barely hanging on. He even posted a video of it, but as a huge disclaimer, it is graphic, so view it only if you have the stomach for that kind of stuff.

Luckily, Dotson’s Mastiff, Rambo, came to his aid and broke them up. “He did great, clamping and pinning the aggressor like a T-Rex to the floor,” Dan wrote in the video.”I love my dogs. From now on, it’s Rambo’s job to break up the boys when they’re fighting.”

Dotson doesn’t blame his dogs for this happening and knows they weren’t trying to hurt him. He also reported doctors successfully reattached his fingertip.