‘Storage Wars: Miami’: Here’s the Tragic Real-Life Reason Why the Show Was Canceled

by Chris Haney

Back in 2015, just as a Storage Wars spinoff in Miami debuted, tragedy struck when one of the star’s sons was charged with first-degree murder.

Only two episodes into Storage Wars: Miami‘s release six years ago, offscreen drama derailed the show. Cast member Kevin Pew’s 23-year-old son, Hashim Saeed Pew, reportedly shot and killed a 19-year-old woman in his family’s home.

On Oct. 13, 2015, Kevin Pew had a viewing party for the show he starred in. According to FOX News, he invited several of his friends and family over to watch the new episode. Sadly, reports at the time shared that his son shot teenager Janel Hamilton in a completely unprovoked attack.

“The family, from what I understand, was at the father’s house to watch the episode that he was going to appear in on TV. The victim was sitting on the sofa in front of the suspect. She got up to get a blanket because she was cold. And he, unprovoked, shot her,” a police spokesperson told FOX News.

After shooting her once, the Storage Wars star’s son supposedly approached Hamilton and shot her once more. His father and another man tackled Hashim to the ground and called the police.

“She’s dead as a f—ing dog,” Hashim Pew allegedly yelled during the altercation, according to an arrest report. 

The victim was Hashim’s mother’s goddaughter, according to Local 10. Originally from London, Hamilton was living with the Pews temporarily while waiting on school transcripts to transfer from the United Kingdom. She had plans to attend Kennesaw State University that January in hopes of earning a law degree.

‘Storage Wars: Miami’ Lasted Only One Season Following Hamilton’s Killing

There seemed to be no motives for the tragic murder of the young woman. A&E continued to air the remaining episodes of the spinoff series, but the show only lasted one season. After just 10 episodes, Storage Wars: Miami came to an end, even though the network never announced if Hamilton’s murder had anything to do with the decision.

The original Storage Wars that’s based in California has been wildly popular since its debut in 2010. In fact, the show is now in its 14th season on A&E. The network expanded on the series with spinoffs in Texas, New York, and even Canada. Yet the Miami spinoff ended up a short-lived venture.

The network never gave an explanation to if Hamilton’s murder influenced their decision to shut the show down. Other factors may have played a role in their decision.

“She was so intelligent and so brave. A happy, pleasant, loving girl, and I just can’t understand why this had to happen, but only God knows,” Hamilton’s great-aunt Verion McGann told the Sun-Sentinel. “They have no motive. There were no issues, no nothing.”