‘Storage Wars’ Releases New Season Trailer, Barry Weiss Returns in Style

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

With season 14 set to debut next month, Storage Wars fans are no doubt happy about the chaos that will soon ensue. To help whet your appetite, or perhaps tease you a little, A&E dropped a new trailer and it includes a clip of show veteran Barry Weiss returning in style.

The trailer begins panning through series regulars like Darrell, Ivy, Rene, Brandy, and so on before getting to the action. Arriving in his stylish 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, Barry Weiss knows how to make an entrance. The camera pans to him and he simply asks “Did you miss me?” Laura apparently did, as she’s seen laughing and seemingly ecstatic Weiss returned. Known for his storage savvy and witty attitude, he’s sure to fit right back in with the show after being absent for so long.

Getting back to the action, we see quick shots of the cast looking at storage unit innards. Darrell claims “I think I’ve been getting a little soft lately, time to get back to my roots.” His attitude seems to spur competitors, as Ivy says “He has no problems beating a senior citizen.” When all is said and done Darrell and Weiss appear to mean business this season.

If you’re anxious to see the next season or merely curious about it, you can watch the season premiere on November 2 at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on A&E.

Why did Barry Weiss Leave ‘Storage Wars’ in the First Place?

With Storage Wars being as successful as it is, one can’t help but wonder why Barry Weiss would have left when he did. The reasons for it are twofold: one is he was simply ready to move on and the other is an accident.

Initially airing in 2010, Barry Weiss was a series regular for the first four seasons of the show. However, Weiss announced he was leaving the show in 2015, much to the surprise of fans. In 2017 while speaking with Matthijs Albers for his YouTube interview series, he gives his reasoning. “I had a blast,” he said. “It was fun, but I had enough and I kind of wanted to leave while it was still popular.”

Weiss then tried his hand with several spinoffs like Barry’d Treasure and Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back, both of which did not last long. You might think that would prompt Weiss to return to his roots, but he then got in a motorcycle accident in 2019. He and his friend were riding when a car suddenly pulled out of a parking space and the two crashed. Weiss suffered injuries to his chest and legs, as well as internal injuries and broken bones. He also required numerous surgeries on his femur and back.

Regardless, the good news is Barry Weiss is back and ready to play.