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‘Storage Wars’: Rene’s Best Locker Ever Was an Absolute Gold Mine

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

One of the most entertaining parts about “Storage Wars” is watching the bidders strike gold with a locker. Well, during an episode of the show’s 10th season in 2019, Rene Nezhoda did just that.

A clip from this episode shared on YouTube begins with auctioneer Emily Wears sharing details about the locker. “Don’t forget, look all the way back in the corner. This unit goes all the way around the corner. And it’s full to the top,” she says.

She’s not kidding, either. There are boxes from floor to ceiling in this unit. Seeing that and learning how large the unit is, intrigues Rene Nezhoda. And like the other potential buyers, he takes a closer look.

“I see an old Atari home computer. That’s $100,” this “Storage Wars” star says as he surveys the locker. “That’s controllers from Nintendo – the Power Controllers. … Sega controllers.”

After getting fussed about by auctioneer Emily for touching boxes in the unit, Rene says, “I really want this locker. So, I’m not leaving Emily’s side. And he didn’t. He stood right next to her as they start bidding on the locker.

She first wants $1,000. He offers only $50. That’s a big difference to make up. Emily starts the bidding and the “Storage Wars” star remains firm at $50, even though someone else bid $350. The bidding hits $550, then Rene jumps in with a $600 bid. His competitors know he wants the locker, so they keep bidding. Rene is pushed to $750, then to $900, then to $1,100, then to $1,300, and finally to $1,500.

Rene Sees His $1,500 Bid Pay Off in This Episode of ‘Storage Wars’

Fortunately for Rene, his battle to get the locker – and the money he spent – really pays off. The locker turns out to be an absolute gold mine.

“This is the most exciting unit I’ve ever bought, I think, because it’s full of video games,” as he goes to search through it. Joining him as he searches is his friend, Fluffy. Fluffy is a Nintendo collector. It doesn’t take long before Fluffy notices something of value.

“OK, now right away I do see a very rare, uncommon NES game, right here on the side,” Fluffy tells Rene. “And that is ‘S.C.A.T'”

That one game had a value of $200, according to Fluffy. “Nice score right there,” he tells a very excited Rene.

This isn’t their only valuable find. As they continue to search that one box full of games, Fluffy and Rene estimate they have $3,000 in value. That’s double what the “Storage Wars” star spent on the locker.

They weren’t done there. Rene begins removing boxes and lining them up in the hallway. There are so many boxes and he hopes to find even more valuable items. “We’ve only gone through a third of this locker and I am already at $15,000,” Rene says.

In the end, Rene and Fluffy estimate that the locker has a value of more than $44,000. Not bad for a day’s bidding!

You can watch Rene Nezhoda hit the jackpot with a locker on “Storage Wars” above. If you love old video games, you don’t want to miss this clip.