‘Storage Wars’: See Former Star Jarrod Schulz’s Net Worth

by Maria Hartfield
(Photo by Jerod Harris/WireImage)

Jarrod Schulz is known for starring in the reality series Storage Wars. The longtime cast member has been bidding, buying, and selling on the show for nearly 13 seasons. Here’s everything you need to know about Schulz’s net worth and how he makes his money.

A&E television show Storage Wars is a reality series depicting the wild auction scene in California. Auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson lead buyers through each unit filled with trash, treasure, or both. Buyers on the show include Shulz’s former girlfriend, Brandi Passante, Darrell Sheets, Ivy Calvin, Rene Nezhoda, and Kenny Crossly just to name a few.

Fans of the series can participate in the thrill of the fast-paced auctions from the comfort of their own homes. The high-stakes process begins with the buyers visiting the storage facilities. They must be willing to risk it all by bidding on the mystery contents of lockers. If they’re lucky, they’ll come out with treasure as opposed to trash.

Albeit not as wealthy as some of his fellow Storage Wars co-stars, Schulz has done particularly well for himself. The accomplished entrepreneur and storage hunter’s estimated net worth is around $2 million.

How Jarrod Schulz Got His Start in Storage Wars

Shulz didn’t get his start buying and purchasing storage lockers. He wasn’t always as passionate about bidding on mystery items in hopes of scoring a profitable haul.

In fact, Shulz began his career in the mortgage business. Unfortunately, after the financial crisis took place in the mid-2000s, he set his sights on something different.

His aunt was the first person to suggest he try his hand in the storage auction business. She had experience in understanding which items left behind carried value.

From One Business Venture to Another

Eventually, Shulz and his former girlfriend, Brandi Passante, opened a thrift store in Orange County, CA which they named Now and Then Second Hand Store. The successful venture landed Shulz and Brandi on the radar of Storage Wars producers who offered them both a spot on the show.

It took a while for the then couple to earn their spot amongst peers. However, they were ultimately successful in growing their income which allowed Jarrod to pursue additional ventures including the purchase of Rush Bar and Outlaw Apparel.

Unfortunately, once they began to succeed financially, their personal life took a turn for the worse.

In 2020, Jarron Schulz and Brandi Passante announced they had broken up “two years ago.” The couple shares two children together.

Schulz has since moved on and is currently seeing another woman he met at the Rush Bar. The reality tv star continues to succeed in his financial endeavors thanks to his many eminent business ventures.