‘Storage Wars’: A Show Icon Returns in New Season Premiere

by Amy Myers

Who else would roll up to an auction in a Bruce Wayne-type car? You guessed it, the king of collectibles himself, Barry Weiss. After leaving the show in 2015 and suffering a severe motorcycle accident in 2019, the Storage Wars star is back and ready to make some money.

While fans are thrilled to have the extravagant bidder back on the show, his competitors are a bit less enthusiastic. Ahead of the season premiere on Tuesday, Storage Wars released a clip of the moment when Weiss surprised his co-stars. In a sleek, black car, he revved the engine and flames shot out of the exhaust pipes.

“You haven’t seen this one yet,” the Storage Wars star said as he rolled down the tinted window.

Watch Weiss’ impressive appearance in the clip below.

Immediately, when Laura “Pay the Lady” Dotson realized who was in the driver seat, she began cheering.

“Did you miss me?” Weiss said in the clip.

“I went to your funeral three days ago,” hollered Darrell Sheets. “What a trip, man. Barry Weiss.”

Meanwhile, Ivy Calvin expressed his frustration over Weiss’ return. Hoping to score some “quality collectibles,” he didn’t want to compete with the Storage Wars icon for top-notch locker items.

And what’s Weiss been up to all this time?

“In the last seven years, a lot of stuff’s changed with me,” he shared. “I’ve been working with a bidding coach. I completely cut out arugula.”

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Alongside Weiss was his partner-in-crime, Kenny Crossley. Now that the two are back together as a bidding team, there’s no telling what kind of dusty treasure they’ll find.

“Barry’s back in action,” Crossley told the camera. “You’re welcome, America.”

As everyone exchanged their greetings with the revived bidder, auctioneer Dan Dotson had to ask, What brings him back to the game?

“Danny, we are going to make auctions great again,” the Storage Wars star said.

But Dotson had to disagree.

“They were already great, Barry,” the auctioneer corrected.

Meanwhile, Laura focused in on Barry’s face mask – black leather with a zipper for the mouth.

“I like your mask. That’s like S&M – zip, zip!” she told him. “Can your tongue fit through that thing?”

Despite being away for seven years, it almost seemed like only a day past since Weiss’ last appearance on Storage Wars. The friendly banter mixed with the overarching sense of competition always made for a unique atmosphere, one in which Weiss thrived.

Ready to start the bidding, Dotson prepared to open the gate to the lockers. Oh, but wait – Weiss had to make sure his hair looked good before they started.

“Some things never change,” Weis said.

You got that right, Barry.