‘Storage Wars’ Star Barry Weiss Makes Epic Return to Filming Show Following Motorcycle Accident

by Amy Myers

It wouldn’t be a Barry Weiss entrance if it wasn’t flashy. After recovering from a motorcycle crash, the Storage Wars star comes back in style. Just in time for the Season 13 premiere of the A&E series, Weiss rolled up in a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr with a flamethrower exhaust and tinted windows. At first, no one knew who was going to climb out of that car – maybe Batman or a mob boss. Instead, the silver-haired storage star rolls down the window, smiling wide.

“Did you miss me?” the notorious Storage Wars star asked his fellow bidders.

Majorly due to Weiss’s sometimes overextravagant behavior, he became an essential part of the show for fans and fellow cast members. The past six years just haven’t been the same without him. According to TMZ, the publication spotted the Storage Wars star filming back in March this year, however, this is the first time since his accident that the other locker lovers have seen him. Surely, his co-stars are glad to have him back on the scene, but that means the bidding will be more intense than ever. Known for his keen eye and fat checkbook, Weiss is a daunting competitor.

Needless to say, their reactions were worth the grand entrance.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Transported to ICU Following Accident

Back in 2019, Storage Wars star Barry Weiss and a friend were riding their motorcycles through the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles when a car crashed into him. Medical teams arrived and quickly swept the rider to the ER where doctors revealed that he had several broken bones and internal injuries, including severe chest and leg trauma.

According to the police report, “a car pulled out from a parking space, apparently without looking, and Barry and his friend slammed into the back of the car.” 

Weiss’s friend named Jamie, too, sustained a few broken bones himself, though, not nearly as bad as Weiss, whom doctors placed in the ICU. Following the accident, Jamie commented on Weiss’ condition, asking for prayers while the Storage Wars star received treatment.

“Not a good day at the office, a serious crash today with my friend Barry Weiss when a car pulled out directly in front of us and took our road away,” Weiss’s friend shared. “I got lucky, only a broken knee, elbow and wrist, Barry is much worse and has serious chest and leg trauma, please send your prayers to Barry.”

The severity of the injuries paired with the Storage Wars star’s age left him unable to continue filming for two years. However, now fully restored and out of retirement, it seems Weiss is determined as ever to make this coming season his best.

Season 13 of Storage Wars airs on November 2 on A&E.