‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Goes All Out for ‘Mountain’ Home Planting Thousands of Flowers

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Leave it to “Storage Wars” star Dan Dotson to add a little Outsider flavor around his and wife Laura’s place up in the mountains.

Well, that’s what Dan says he is doing. Dotson, who has been in the auctioneering business since his high school days, picked up some flowers. He definitely has some work ahead around their yard.

As you can see in the photo below, the “Storage Wars” cast member is bringing a lot of flowers to their home. It looks like a lot to handle, but he apparently doesn’t mind.

Feast your eyes on the beauty Dan Dotson is getting ready to plant.

His 90,000-plus followers on Twitter probably drool at all the beautiful additions Dan Dotson is about to plant.

The Dotsons do not forget their work, though. You Outsiders who have a knack for antiques and collectibles might take a look at “Storage Wars” sometime.

They have been on the A&E Network show since its first season. Tune into the 13th season episodes and watch “Storage Wars” heat up.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Shared Footage Of ‘Watch Bear’ Making Visit

It’s quite unique to see someone like Dan Dotson, who spends so much time in the auction world, share a little slice of life.

Well, listen, Outsiders, if you had a friendly bear show up at your home, then you would probably show off a bit. Carefully show off, that is.

Doston recently shared a video on Twitter of what he calls his “watch bear.” Take a look right here and feast your eyes on quite a sight.

Of course, people who know about Dotson and his home life might recall he almost lost a finger. Yes, he ended up trying to play peacemaker between his two French Bulldogs.

Dotson Did Manage To Survive A Terrible Fight Between His Dogs

But they decided to go all AEW between themselves. They didn’t hear or heed any warnings from Papa Dan to break it up.

When he put his hand in the midst of the brouhaha, that’s where the “Storage Wars” star got in trouble.

Thankfully, Dotson also has a mastiff named Rambo in the dog family at home. It was that dog who broke up the fight just in the nick of time.

“From now on, it’s Rambo’s job to break up the boys when they’re fighting,” Dan Dotson shared.

Dotson gets back to join Laura for their auction work on “Storage Wars.” As we said, though, being around auctions has been in his blood since his youth.

Fans of the A&E show know that it follows the Dotsons and a number of buyers. Their activity takes shape around their work in California. It’s always busy and definitely worth watching one episode to another.