‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Posts Incredible Footage of ‘Watch Bear’ Returning to Visit

by Katie Maloney

When you’re a famous “Storage Wars” star like Dan Dotson, you run into all kinds of crazy people. Not to mention the overwhelming paparazzi coverage. Luckily, Dotson has a new watch “dog” at home to keep his privacy safe. Dotson recently shared a video of a young bear cub patrolling his yard.

Along with the video, Dotson wrote, “Our #watchbear returned last night.” But we don’t think the bear is actually guarding the Dotson residence. We think that bear has a storage unit he’s looking to make a deal on!

‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Lost His Finger After Breaking Up a Dog Fight

After hearing about what went down between Dan Dotson and his own dogs, we understand why he’s not afraid of adopting a bear cub as a pet. Earlier this year Dotson lost his ring finger while trying to break up a fight between his two french bulldogs, Louis and Jax.

The two dogs began fighting, and Dotson put his hand near the dog’s mouth to try to stop the fight. That’s when one of them bit his finger and ripped it right off. Luckily, a doctor was able to re-attach Dotson’s finger, and everything healed nicely. The “Storage Wars” star detailed the even in a YouTube video that has since been removed for containing graphic images of the injury.

“Louis and Jax are best of friends but when the bullies get in a fight, you have to be careful where you place your fingers,” wrote Dotson in the caption of the video.

Dotson added that he has another, much larger dog – a mastiff named Rambo. Dotson said that he will rely on Rambo to break up any future dog fights.

“From now on, it’s Rambo’s job to break up the boys when they’re fighting,” he wrote.

We’re just thankful Dotson is still able to join his wife in auctioneering on “Storage Wars.” However, even if he was down one finger, we’re sure he’d be back to auctioneering in no time. It’s in his blood. In fact, he started honing his craft when he was just eleven years old.

Dotson Learned How to Auctioneer From His Grandfather

Dan Dotson’s grandfather, Sam Fancher, was a cattle and farm auctioneer in the Ozark Mountains. Dotson had plenty of time to admire his grandfather’s auctioneering skills before he joined him. At just eleven years old, Dotson started working full-time with his grandfather at auctions during the summer. And when he turned 16, Dotson left school to work at auctions in California. The “Storage Wars” star quickly became a successful auctioneer on his own. He now specializes in collectibles, pottery, porcelain dolls, and furniture auctions. And, of course, he’s one-half of everyone’s favorite married auctioneering couple on “Storage Wars.”